Daybreak in the Country on June 11/2024

Good Morning! Life’s short, but mornings like this make it all worthwhile. Enjoy the little things today.

It looks like a beautiful day is unfolding here in Northern Ontario. The sun is shining brightly in a cloudless sky. Earlier, as I took a walk around our property, I noticed our yellow lilies in full bloom. They looked so stunning that I had to pause for a few minutes to fully appreciate their beauty. I can’t seem to get enough of what nature has to offer; it feels like an addiction I simply can’t resist.

However, the temperature did drop quite low overnight, hovering just above the frost line. I was a bit worried there for a while, but everything turned out okay. You never know what Mother Nature has in store, and like all women, she can be quite unpredictable.

Highway 522 isn’t too busy these days, but activity is picking up with many campers and trailers moving into our area for the summer. It’s kind of nice to see new faces and the area bustling a bit. However, as much as I enjoy the influx of visitors, I hope our community doesn’t grow too fast and that we can maintain the solitude we enjoy. It’s a delicate balance, welcoming tourists while preserving the tranquility we love.

On another note, being so cool and gloomy yesterday, I made the best of it by working here in my computer writing up a few stories for my newspaper columns. Worked out pretty good with three new ones ready to go.

Today though, being the sun is upon us looking and feeling good, I am planning on doing some staining on part of my woodworking shop. After that I have some welding to do on a project my wife and I are creating, and after that… well I am thinking a drink and some front porch sittin’ will be in order for the remainder of the day.

Bug Report: Black Flies are pretty well gone, but the mosquitoes are out in full force, but with the sun out and the dragon flies roaming around looking for a meal, it shouldn’t be all that bad.

With that I am off for my morning bowl of cereal that my lovely wife has made for me, and will then have a cup of hot cocoa and head on out to my woodworking shop. I also think I will have to wake up my hoe, as the weeds in our vegetable garden are starting to show themselves.

You all have a great day, and I will leave you with this: “Trouble is like rain; it’s bound to come, but it’ll pass. It always does.”

Fishing Times for Tuesday

Major Times
4:33 AM-6:33 AM
4:55 PM-6:55 PM

Minor Times
12:18 AM-1:18 AM
9:54 AM-10:54 AM

Day Rating: I give it a 2-star rating out of 5 for catching a few. Good Luck!

Fishing tip of the Day: “If the bees are busy and the birds are chirpin’, it’s a good day to fish. Nature’s critters know when it’s a good time to be out and about.”

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