Country Life at First Light on June 10/2024

Good Morning! Living where we do, I found that the land away from the cities for some whisper old stories. So why not take a walk and let them fill your mind of what’s to come, and what has taken place years ago. Never fear the past or the future, as they are merely chapters in the book of your life… each holding lessons that shape your journey and lead you to your true self.

It is a bit cloudy here waking up in cottage country, but that being said the sun will eventually make her appearance, oh…. I would say around 9:00 or 10:00 AM, and it should remain with us for the remainder of the week, and along with that it will warm up starting tomorrow.

Here we are, starting the second week in June, and we had to turn on our oil furnace just to take the edge off the cold and damp this morning. So much for global warming? Now, don’t get me wrong… I’m all for doing our part to help the planet. But let’s take a closer look. Here in Canada, our efforts are just a drop in the bucket. What we are doing to help the environment hardly makes a dent… it’s like a drop of water on a pin. Now the larger countries are the real culprits these days, and until they step up, well… things won’t get better.

But it’s not just humans causing havoc on our world. Not by a long shot. There are natural factors at play too, like volcanoes and forest fires, among many others. And let’s not forget, at least in my mind, that the Arctic used to be warm years ago. So, I think a lot of what’s happening today, might just be a natural occurrence. But hey, to each their own on what they believe, as I’ve always said.

On another note, my wife and I took a trip to North Bay yesterday to pick up my laptop. Our son Karl installed a new hard drive because the old one had given up the ghost. It seems that companies today use the cheapest parts they can find, which in turn don’t last long, which is exactly how they want it, so they can make more money. And, of course, we consumers end up paying the price. While there we took him out to Casey’s for lunch, had a nice chat, picked up a few groceries and things, picked up a coffee for the road, and headed on home enjoying each other’s company and taking in nature that was all around us. All in all, a good day.

Today I am going to do some work here at my computer setting things back to how I had them, and if time maybe being a bit cool outside, I will write up a story or two for my newspaper columns.

Highway 522 is still pretty quiet, not too many folks roaming around, but I suspect things will pick up as it always does come the end of the month.

Bug Report: The ones now irritating folks are the mosquitoes, as they sure like this damp weather. Once the sun comes back out, things should get better. There are a few blackflies still around, but for most parts they have left for another year, which is fine with me.

With that I am off for my breakfast that my lovely wife has gotten ready for me, and will then enjoy the day as it should be.

You all have a great day and remember: A quiet morning with a hot cup of cocoa is worth more than a noisy day in the city.

Fishing Times for Monday

Major Times
3:45 AM-5:45 AM
4:09 PM-6:09 PM

Minor Times
8:44 AM-9:44 AM

Day Rating: Not the greatest day for fishing, I give it a 1-Star Rating out of 5 for catching a few!
Fishing Tip of The Day: Patience ain’t just a virtue; it’s a requirement. Sit still and quiet like a rock. Fish can sense a jittery fisherman a mile away. GW

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