What’s Brewin’ in the Country Air on June 21/2024

Good Morning! They say you’re only as old as you feel. Some days I feel 30, some days I feel 90. Today? Well, let’s see what today brings!

So… it’s been a few days since my last post, reason being my wife had another tooth break off, so two trips to town to get it fixed up. And on top of that, our air in the car gave up the ghost, which sure didn’t make the drive in and back very comfortable. But things worked out, and now we can get things back on track.

Today we will see about getting our mowing done up. I was surprised how much it has grown in the past week, being that it was so hot. I suspect, those wood ashes I put down in the spring has helped a lot. So that should keep us busy for the morning. After lunch, I have some staining to do on a new door we made a couple of days ago. After that, well, I am thinking some front porch sittin’ will be in order with a cup of sweet tea.

Highway 522 has seen a slight increase in traffic, but it remains slow compared to previous years. Interestingly, a few homes in our area have recently gone up for sale, which reveals something if you look closely. Many people believe that living in the north offers a great way of life, and it does, but you need to have the right mindset to survive. Living in the north isn’t about money; it’s about the inner strength of the individual. Some people move here, try it for one winter, and then decide they can’t handle it, saying, “To hell with this, I’m out of here.”

Bug Report: With this damp, hot weather, the mosquitoes have been really pestering everyone, and now the deer flies have joined the party in full force. Those suckers, once they find you, just won’t leave you alone. That’s when my trusty old hat comes in handy. But hey, it’s that time of year, and there’s not much you can do about it. Just think of it as nature’s way of making sure we all stay active!

I will leave this morning with this: Life in the country teaches us that hard work and humor are the keys to a good day. And with that bit of wisdom in mind… I am off for my morning bowl of cereal that my little woman has put together for me, and will then head on outside and see about that mowing.

Fishing Times for Friday

Major Times
12:02 PM-2:02 PM

Minor Times
3:57 AM-4:57 AM
9:09 PM-10:09 PM

Day Rating; A great day for fishing. I give it a 5-Star Rating out of 5 for catching a few. Should be no problem, putting a few in the frying pan for supper. In saying that. Good Luck!

Fishing Tip/Wisdom of the Day: “Get up before dawn and hit the water. That’s when the fish are most active and lookin’ for breakfast. And the best part is… you’ll often have the whole lake/river/creek to yourself.” GW

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