First Snow

Well got the first snow fall today just started a minute or two ago.  Coming down pretty good too big old lazy flakes.  Talk soon

Wet Day

Well wet day here in Port Loring.  Might get a bit of snow later on but think it might have to drop a bit in temperatures first.  See how the night goes along.  Was sunny here this morning but clouded up and rained this afternoon with a bit of thunder and lightning a few minutes ago.   But we are warm and dry so what more can a fellow and gal ask for.  Talk soon.

WX200 ff:            localhost:9753   5/11 19:59:43  
  1.3             Display:    Clock/0/0          Power: AC  Battery: ok 
             ---------- Outdoor -----------  ----------- Indoor -----------
Temperature: 40.8 F Hi 61.5 F 31/10 14:24    70.0 F Hi 76.6 F  2/11 17:55  
                    Lo 23.7 F  2/11  7:42           Lo 61.0 F  2/11  8:25  
   Humidity:   91 % Hi   93 %  5/11 19:39      39 % Hi   46 % 31/10 13:12  
                    Lo   35 % 31/10 14:31           Lo   36 %  3/11 15:15  
  Dew Point:   39 F Hi   46 F 31/10 19:35      45 F Hi   52 F  2/11 17:46  
                    Lo   32 F 31/10 14:50           Lo   36 F  2/11  6:39  
Wind Gust:243WSW@  0.0 mph    Wind Gust Hi:288WNW@ 26.2 mph   31/10 19:54  
      Avg:243WSW@  0.0 mph      Wind Chill:  41 F   Lo:  14 F  1/11  6:24  
Rain Rate: 0.04 in/h  Yesterday: 0.00 in Total:32.28 in since  1/ 1  0:00  
Barometer: Steady at 28.50 in  29.38 in  sea; 12-24hr forecast: Rain

Some Thing New Port Loring Weather

WX200 ff:            localhost:9753   4/11 20:59:43  
  1.3             Display:    Clock/0/0          Power: AC  Battery: ok 
             ---------- Outdoor -----------  ----------- Indoor -----------
Temperature: 32.4 F Hi 61.5 F 31/10 14:24    73.9 F Hi 76.6 F  2/11 17:55  
                    Lo 23.7 F  2/11  7:42           Lo 61.0 F  2/11  8:25  
   Humidity:   70 % Hi   87 % 31/10 20:52      37 % Hi   46 % 31/10 13:12  
                    Lo   35 % 31/10 14:31           Lo   36 %  3/11 15:15  
  Dew Point:   32 F Hi   46 F 31/10 19:35      46 F Hi   52 F  2/11 17:46  
                    Lo   32 F 31/10 14:50           Lo   36 F  2/11  6:39  
Wind Gust:276 W @  0.0 mph    Wind Gust Hi:288WNW@ 26.2 mph   31/10 19:54  
      Avg:276 W @  0.0 mph      Wind Chill:  32 F   Lo:  14 F  1/11  6:24  
Rain Rate: 0.00 in/h  Yesterday: 0.00 in Total:31.85 in since  1/ 1  0:00  
Barometer: Rising at 29.00 in  29.88 in  sea; 12-24hr forecast: Partly Cloudy

A Bit Of Sunshine

Well,  sleepy day here in the small town of Port Loring.  Been sitting here with a tea and not much traffic going by, but then,  this time of year there never is.  Sundays in this small town seems to be a bit like the old days,  as everyone takes it easy and things, the way it should be.  Weather here today is sunny so far with a few clouds. But colder and some snow is in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow.  One station was even calling for three to six inches of the white stuff over night. Hmm have to see about that, but one never knows living here in the North.  44 degrees here at 10:06 AM.   Weather station is working good since my son fixed it so that is a plus. Lot of folks have called saying that they liked the weather site and it has been an asset to the area,  so that makes us feel good.  Talk Soon

Business Sign Out Front

This is another picture of our business’s sign out along HWY 522. Great country.

Our Home Here In Port Loring

This picture is taken from HWY 522 in front of our home. The small building to the right is our store. Not big but lots of very unique things.

Fall Picture Here In Port Loring

Fall Colours In Port Loring

One More That I Thought was real nice.

Fall Colours Here In Port Loring

Just Up The Road From Us

Just up the road from us is this real nice view of some fall colours and thought I would share.

Store Sign Out Front And Flags

Our Store Sign and Flags

For a bigger view of the pictures just click on the picture. Enjoy.

Old Trailer In Front Of Our Home

Garlic Is In The Ground

Well weather is suppose to drop in temperatures tomorrow night, so got busy and planted my Garlic.  I got to tell you I sure love the stuff and you can’t get anything more healthier to eat.  I put in one row this year which is about twenty feet long.  I just take a couple sticks and put a piece of twine from stick to stick. Reason being so I know where they are come spring when I go to plant the rest of the garden.   Also it helps me keep a straight row. I don’t know but I got a thing about crooked rows.     Once I get the line up I just take my hoe and dig a small trench about four inches deep.  I then plant the garlic about five or six inches apart.  Once all planted I then like to take a few handfuls of cow manure and sprinkle it over the cloves just before I cover them up. Once covered up I put a bit of straw over the top or leaves depending on what I have on hand.  That’s it don’t take no effort at all. One thing to remember though, wash your hands before you have dinner, Hmm I thought my piece of cheddar cheese tasted a bit different.    I also took an old white tarp this year and wrapped it around my grape vines as I got froze back last winter. Took all summer to grow new vines so didn’t want that to happen again.  Wife likes Concord Grape Jam and if they keep freezing back one don’t get very many bunches.   I also took some old half rotten boards I had laying around the place and cut them up for kindling so all set now for starting the old stove in the shop.   Sure nice to be able to enjoy life up here in the north and do things that one wants.   Talk Soon.

Port Loring Weather Station Up Date

Hi folks well my son has got the old weather station fixed up here and it is uploading for all to see again.  I am sure lucky I got a feller that can fix these problems when they arise.  Weather today here is sunny and warm for a change.  Temperatures got up to around 56 Degrees, almost summer.   For more Details you can now go to the weather site and have a look as there is a link to it here on the Blogs main page.  Talk Soon

Community Voice Column Up Date

Hi Folks well I see the story I sent to the Community Voice didn’t run not sure why so from now on I won’t put any notices on here till I make sure they have run. Simple way of making sure you are able to read them. In this world of today things change and News Papers are one of them. Talk Soon.

Weekly Column In The Community Voice Glimpse

Hi folks well this week the column is called, Lost Wisdom. It pertains to my younger days and how I came to writing short stories, along with my views on our Elders and all the wisdom that will be lost when they are gone. Also a lot of other tips, info and bit of my wisdom that I know you will enjoy. So if you get a minute go out and get yourself a copy of the Community Voice, in North Bay and surrounding areas. Talk Soon.

Weekly Nugget Column Glimpse

Well I think my Column in the Saturday Nugget should be in there this week, as they took it out last week as they needed space.  Well what can you do its their paper.  At any rate here is a bit on what its about thought I would share.

This week I wrote one up on Messages and how we got them out to folks years ago back on the Dairy farm where I was raised.  I got to say when writing this story a lot came to mind and brought back a lot of fine memories. Folks of today would probably wonder how we made out as good as we did back then, but we did ok.  The Story is called Messages but we will see what the paper calls it as they have a Tendency of changing the titles on me.  But what can you do.  At any rate look for it this week in the North Bay Nugget.  Talk Soon

Preparing Red or Green Peppers For Winter

Well I would think most folks have dug or picked their veggies for winter. I got mine in but this year I had a few extra red and green peppers. So what to do? Simple really,  the wife took the peppers and cut them up in small pieces.  She then set them on a cookie tray and put them in our oven. We have a Propane stove here in the country as we love to cook with a flame, also nice when the power goes out.  Just seems to be a nicer way to cook,  at least for us.   The nice thing about a gas or propane stove or wood stove is it has a pilot light or flame of some kind going at all times or maybe now a days that isn’t right as the new stoves might not have a flame any more.  Anyways, if you happen to have one of these stoves or a dry place you can put your peppers after you cut them, well then get to doing it as come winter when you want a real tasty home made soup you will have the fresh garden ingredients to put in there.  My wife dries them in the oven for a few days and then once dried she grinds them up in a coffee grinder a hand one and then puts it in brown paper bags for storage. I got to tell you nothing is more tasty come winter.  Hmm Good!  Talk soon.

Port Loring Weather Station

Woke up to a heavy white frost this morning.  Got cool,  as temperatures were down to around 29F this morning.  At noon today its up to 44 Degrees so a bit warmer.  Was thinking that I might be coming down with a cold yesterday so took some Linden Blossom tea,  seemed to stop it in its tracks.  Old recipe from Germany that my old Grandfather used.  Seems its a cure for the common cold and well it has fixed me in time of need.  You will have to try it sometime.  One just needs to find a Basswood tree and pick the blossoms when they come out in bloom.  If you ever need info on them let me know.  Forecast today at noon: Sunshine, 45 degrees, Barometer rising and sitting at 29.47 inHG, Humidity is 53%, Winds are from the South at around 8 MPH.  Talk soon

Weather Station Info

Well temperatures have dropped here in this small town of Port Loring. But its the sign of whats to come. Old wood furnace is still perkin away and sure feels good when you come in from outside. Nothing like wood heat to take the chill out of ones bones. I should mention here that our weather station is down for a wee bit as my son is working on it. Should be back up and running come the weekend or shortly after. At any rate the weather today is sunny with a few clouds. Winds up to 30MPH Gusts.  NW winds.  Barometer 29.15 and rising. Weather Forecast, Sunny with a few clouds.  Outside temperatures at noon is 41 Degrees with humidity at 40%.   Talk Later.

Windy Day.

Well another pretty nice day here just a bit windy. Winds are from the South around 10 to 30 MPH so enough wind to blow a fellows hat off once and awhile. Lots of sunshine today but they say temperatures are going to drop over night. High today was around 61 degrees. Had the old wood furnace perkin away here this morning but kind of let it die out this afternoon. So might be a pretty nice night for the trick-er treaters. We don’t get to many up here in this area as there isn’t that many young ones. I think the most we have had since we moved here would be around ten. So we don’t have to spend to much on goodies. I did managed to clean up the last of my leaves today and put them in the garden. Once done I got out the tiller and worked them in so the wind didn’t blow them away on me. Can’t get anything better for a vegetable gardens than dry leaves. Talk Later

Nice Day

Well had a nice day here for a change.  Sun was shinning for most the  day. Temperatures were a bit cool though, but did get up to around 49 degrees after a frost early this morning when I got up.  Winds were out of the west, light.   This afternoon I took advantage of the good weather and cleaned the chimney in the house and outside.  Then cleaned the eve troughs and took off the one out back, as in some cases it stops leaks in the house through out the winter,  when ice backs up the water.  Tried it last year and problem solved,  so guess now its a yearly thing before it gets to cold.  I also piled up some firewood I had laying around out back, so not a bad day all and all.   Talk Soon.

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