Cottage Country, Port Loring Ontario, Canada

Morning Folks.  Nice looking day out there.  The rain yesterday that was thinking of coming into our area didn’t arrive.  Maybe a bit today, as our forecast for today is saying it will be…. Showery early, improving though throughout the day.  So thinking not much rain is in our presence at this time.  Temperatures waking up are sitting at…12.4 C | 54.32 F and will warm up a few more degrees a bit later.

Bug Report:  Finding the mosquitoes are quite bad this morning to start things off. Few pesky deerflies also are around.  Also a few blackflies are still annoying folks, but for most parts they are gone for another year.

Fishing Times:   Well this morning looking at the old weather stick and putting things together it seems that the best times to be out there will be from.. 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM then again from 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM an one more time later on from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM.  I give it a 2 fish rating out of 4 for catching them early in the day and a 3 out of 4 fish rating for catching them later on in the day.  So might pull in a few today.  Good luck!

Around Town:   See lots of tourists and cottage owners moving into the area these days.  Campers, Boats, 4 Wheelers you name it, all are making their appearance for another season.  Great to see them arriving each morning watching them go up and down the highway loaded with things to make their venture into the wilderness more fun and exciting.  For myself I can enjoy nature by sitting in an old chair, quietly taking in what she has to offer.  Guess that is a sign of one getting a touch older.  Not that old though.

Garden Report:   Things are growing quite rapidity these days.  Lettuce, spinach and pretty well all our herbs are being enjoyed each day now.  Tomatoes are starting to show off a bit, but could use a drink.  Was hoping for some rain but thinking now, that I might have to be their source of nourishment, water wise any ways.  Pumpkins an cucumbers are also doing well, along with the squash.  So great year for a garden.  Still not to late to get one started if your interested. Most places have plants already started and wouldn’t take much to get them to growing.  Might be a touch later for your tomatoes, and others with fruits, but still worth while planting.  Well guess that is it for this morning.  Heading out for my Dandelion tea, take in our surrounding scenes and breath in some of that fresh northern air.  Then see where the day brings us. Enjoy your day my friends, get some sunshine on that skin of yours.  No Doctors Needed.

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