Cold Morning

Well getting out of bed temperatures were sitting at -26.5 C | -15.7 F I have to say we sure have been having our share of cold weather. Some say. Hey! it’s winter time and you live here in the North. I say Hey! your right, but I don’t have to like it. Oh well warmer weather isn’t that far off. We are now heading off into February which is a short month. On another note my lovely wife and I have a lot of friends in Florida and they all have informed us that it hasn’t been that warm down there this winter thus far. So being that we were unable to go this year I don’t feel so bad. Well I had better go. I have to clean my driveway sometime today as I didn’t get to it yesterday with it being so windy and snowy. I did have a friend with his backhoe clean the end of my driveway out this morning, as there was a huge chunk of ice blocking a portion of it. That will make things much easier for me. Good to have friends in the right places. Have a great day and stay warm. GW

Severe Weather Alerts – Port Loring, Ontario

Extreme Cold Warning
Extreme Cold Warning in effect until 7:38 PM EST. Source: Environment Canada

A prolonged period of very cold wind chills is expected.

Extreme wind chill values near minus 40 to minus 45 continue this morning.

Wind chill values will moderate today. However windchill values near minus 40 are possible for northern portions tonight.

Extreme cold puts everyone at risk.

Watch for cold related symptoms: shortness of breath, chest pain, muscle pain and weakness, numbness and colour change in fingers and toes.

Pictures of Our Home In Port Loring Ontario, Canada

Thought I would share with you a few pictures taken this morning while I was out feeding the birds. Not that there are any birds out there this morning. I think they are smarter than I am.. Have a great day!

Our Home January 30/2019
Our Home January 30/2019
Downtown Port Loring, Highway 522 , January 30/2019
Our Trailer out by the road. Shows how high the snow is. January 30.2019

More Snow For Port Loring Ontario Canada

Well waking up once again we have more snow. Not as cold though, with temperatures sitting at -14.2 C | 6.44 F. It’s not the amount of snow that has fallen this time it is the drifting. In some spots our back of our house there are drifts two to three feet high. So I guess my snowblower will be getting another work out later on. I don’t figure it is worth the effort going out there at the moment, with the way the wind is blowing and snowing like it is. So I will wait till things clears up a touch. For all your weather information pertaining to Port Loring you can click the link below. The weather station has been running now for over six years logging data every 15 minutes not missing a day since it was put up. I would also like to thank all those that have helped in supporting it. Most are from out of town that have cottages in our area. It’s nice to see so many folks using it. With that I guess I will head off to the basement and put in another piece of wood in the wood furnace. It sure is nice having a good wood furnace as it keeps the house warm on the coldest day without any effort at all. It is nice to come into a warm home on a cold snowy day like today. Stay warm! GW