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What’s Happening On June 14/2022

Good Morning!

It’s a nice day here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. The sun is shinning without a cloud in the sky obstructing it. And the temperature is set to rise as the day progresses. Getting out of bed, it was sitting at … 16.4 C | 61.52 F. Can’t beat that. However, it will become quite hot for the next two or three days, so it might pay to keep your curtains closed a bit to keep the cool in and the heat out. Highway 522 isn’t all that busy yet, but there were a lot of cars, trucks and campers in North Bay yesterday as my wife and I had to go pick up some medicine I needed, along with some groceries and things. Other than feeling a bit poorly, it was a great day,

I see that not many folks today are wearing a mask anymore. I guess they just gave up, but for my wife and I we will be still wearing ours when we are out in public or in stores. We figure it’s best to be safer than sorry, and hey! Even if it stops the common cold or flu, that’s a plus. On the other side of the coin, the price of gas didn’t help cheer us up any, with it sitting at $2:20 a litre. You sure don’t get much for fifty dollars any more these days. And the price of groceries wasn’t all that good, neither. I suspect we are going to be in for some real hard times. My advice is to start putting what you can away money wise. Cut down on things and feed your needs, not your wants. I also think a lot of people have been living above their means for a lot of years here in Canada, which will make it hard for them to get by. The Powers That Be has got us into a real pickle at the moment, and I am not sure if they can get us out of it. They printed too much money, for one thing, and are spending in places that they shouldn’t be. And I don’t mean here in Canada, neither. Spending abroad has to stop in my eyes immediately. You know, I am thinking our world is going to have to make a huge lifestyle change in the coming months and years. Something like we have never seen before. With them happy notes, I am off for a boiled egg and a piece of toast, and will then see what the day has in store.

In Closing I Would Like To Wish Well.

What’s Happening On June 12/2022

Good Morning!

It’s a cloudy, wet morning here in Port Loring, Ontario. It is also a touch cool with the temperature, getting out of bed sitting at 13.6 C | 56.48 F. It rained most of the night which gave all the plants a good drink. And it was a nice rain, not a downpour. It will warm up a wee bit as the day moves forward. And if lucky, we could see some sunshine later on in the day. Which would be nice. Tomorrow however will be a lot nicer with lots of sunshine along with warmer temperatures entering back into the picture. Highway 522 isn’t all that busy yet as with the price of gas folks are staying close to home. But … people are people and I think, come the first of July when the kids are out of school, and they begin to pester the parents things will change and folks will be heading north, into the parks and small towns, seeking out what Nature has to offer. Damn if they do and damned if they don’t you could say.

On another note, we had a good turn out with customers dropping by yesterday, visiting our small store picking up a few things that they liked. It’s nice to chat to folks for a change, after being shut down for two years.

Yesterday I took it easy, not doing much as the wife has been watching me closely, not letting me do any hard work. It’s a full time job on her part. But I know she is right, I need to ease off things for a spell till I get better. Today I will tinker around in my woodworking shop, cleaning it up a bit. It’s a mess after rebuilding our front deck. Which should keep me out of trouble.

With that, I am off for a boiled egg and a piece of toast that my lovely wife is making for me.

In Closing, I Would Like To Wish You Well.

What’s Happening On June 9/2022

Good Morning!

It’s a cloudy morning here in Port Loring, Ontario. The temperature has dropped through the night, which made it nice for sleeping. Getting out of bed, it was sitting at 11.6 C | 52.88 F. We could see a few showers off and on throughout the day. Tomorrow things will be a bit better sunshine wise. Which is what we enjoy.

On another note, we did manage to get my front deck finished up, which made me smile. It was a challenge with not feeling all that good. But I managed. So now we have our porch to do some front porch sittin’ on. It should last for another few years. Most is all brand new once again.

The mosquitoes weren’t all that bad while working out there, but them pesky horse and deer flies were a touch annoying. Once they find you, they don’t leave you alone. I think I wore my hat out, swatting them. Ha Ha.

Today we are planning on getting our grass mowing out of the way for another week, that is if the rain holds off for us. The grass is nice and dry so far this morning, which will make things easier. If not, it will have to wait till tomorrow. You never know what Mother Nature has up her sleeve these days. Usually she cooperates with me.

With that, I am off for a bowl of cereal and will then ease into doing some work. Take care and have a great day. GW

What’s Happening On June 8/2022

Good Morning!

We are finally seeing some sunshine this morning for a change. It is still a bit cool with the temperature sitting at 13.9 C | 57.02 F. It will warm up as the day progresses and the warmer weather will remain with us now for most of the summer. The nice thing is the nighttime temperatures for the next month will remain cool, which will make it nice for sleeping. Shaping up to be a perfect summer for our area. Highway 522 is slow this morning traffic wise, but it will pick up a bit later on today. With the price of gas and things, people are having to stay at home more than they would like too. And I can’t say I blame them. Where … two years ago it would cost us $30.00 to go to North Bay for groceries is now costing us around $60.00 for gas. That takes a big chuck out of what we will be buying when in town. We have cut back substantially grocery wise, my wife and I.

You know, I bought a pair of work shoes at Walmart last year for around $40.00, thinking that it was a good deal. The thing is, as of yesterday I looked, and they are about had it already. I didn’t even get a full year out of wearing them before they fell apart. Made in China. So that will be another expense in the coming days. I don’t mind paying a bit more for certain items if they last a few years. But it is not only shoes. It is the same with a lot of things these days. And I suspect it will get a lot worse in the coming months. Especially with those with mortgages, as the interest rate will be rising more throughout the summer. Which is going to hurt a lot of people when it comes due for renewal.

Although it isn’t as high as what my wife and I were paying many years ago with it then sitting at 18% – 20%. We made out, but it sure wasn’t easy, let me tell you. I am thinking a lot of people will have to make some major lifestyle changes in the coming months.

With that, I am off for a boiled egg and then see about finishing this deck out front so my lovely wife and I can do some front porch sittin’. Which we both are in need of these days.

In Closing, I Would Like To Wish You Well!

What’s Happening On June 7/2022

Good Morning! It’s another cloudy day here, waking up in Port Loring, Ontario. We did have a lot of rain through the night. I suspect the rain will remain with us till this afternoon. Tomorrow however things should start to clear up and if lucky we will see a bit of sunshine. But we could see a few lingering showers here and there. And along with all that, the temperatures starting tomorrow will start to warm up.

Which is what I am looking forward too so my wife and I can finish up this front porch of ours. Pretty hard to do any front porch sittin’ without a porch. We use it a lot through the summer months. There are lots of things I would like to do, but with the price of lumber these days it’s hard. So the bare necessities only get done. Not much a person can do about it, other than complain.

Highway 522 isn’t too busy at the moment, but things will pick up when the sun returns, and we get closer to the weekend.

Today I will see if I can do some work outside, but will have to see if the weather will cooperate. If not, I will see about cleaning up my woodworking shop, as it is a mess at the moment. I also need to do some hoeing in our vegetable garden as the weeds are sneaking in and around the plants. You have to stay on these things, or they can get out of control very quickly.

With that I am off for a bite to eat that my lovely wife is making for me, and will then see how I feel. I am still not feeling that great. I hope I get well soon, so I can get things back to normal. Take care and stay safe. GW