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Cold Mornings And An Old-Timer’s Insights On February 3/2024

Good morning, from this corner of the world, where the coffee/cocoa is hot, the gossip’s hotter, and the wisdom flows like molasses.

So how you all doing on this fine February morning. Yes, I got the month right this morning, as yesterday I said it was January 2 instead of February. Slipping up a wee bit in my old age.

Highway 522 is bare and dry this morning, but it is a touch cool out there, which I noticed going to my old woodworking shop earlier, to put some wood in the stove. Getting out of bed, it was sitting at -10.5 C | 13.1 F. However it will warm up a lot as the day moves forward, and on the bright side of things, we are seeing lots of sunshine this morning, which is what we need to stay healthy. I wouldn’t hesitate to bet that if folks were to get more sunshine every day, they’d be healthier overall and wouldn’t need to see the doctor as often. It’s a simple truth, really. You know, most medicines out there these days, they just treat the symptoms. They don’t really get to the root of the problem. But sunshine, now that’s different. It’s like nature’s way of fixing things from the inside out. So, next time you’re not feeling your best, why not head outside and enjoy some sunshine? It’s nature’s way of keeping us in good shape, addressing the root cause, not just covering it up. You’ll feel the difference, You can take that to the bank!

On another note, once again I worked the day away in my woodworking shop on some projects I have on the go, I did do up a new video on one project and today will do another regarding another project. Which should keep this old feller busy for most of the day.

Old Time Wisdom on What Really Matters in Life. My old Dad loved to reminisce about his cottage in Sarasota, Florida by the inland waterways where he spent his winters when he was able. “Those were the days,” he’d sigh, recalling the laughter echoing through the woods and the smell of pine in the air. I would listen, transported back in time to a simpler era, when the only thing that mattered, was the sound of the loons calling across the water. I sure miss them days!

With that I am off for a bowl of Porridge that my lovely wife is making for me and will then head on out to my woodworking shop, but before I leave you for the day remember this: It’s better to be a has-been than a never-was, but it’s best to be a never-was at all! With that floating around in your mind, Have a great day. GW

An Old-Timer’s Perspective On February 2/2024

Good Morning! The birds are chirpin’, the snow is meltin’, and January feels downright neighbourly today.

It is a bit cooler this morning, waking up in cottage country. It will warm up a wee bit as the day moves forward, but not all that much. Tomorrow, however, it will warm up to above the freezing mark once again. So far, this warm weather we have been having has got rid of a lot of our snow. Which is good in some ways, but not so good in other ways. As warmer weather throws nature out of whack up here in the north. Critters start moving at odd times, plants growing all out of sync, which messes up the whole rhythm of life. It’s like nature’s getting mixed signals. And when that happens, a variety of life takes a hit, and things just ain’t the same.

Highway 522 is still quiet, which is to be expected this time of year. It is also clear of snow and ice, which will make travelling good for those that live in our area, which is a lot, as the closest city is about an hour and a half away. Which my wife and I don’t really mind, as it gets us out of the house for the day. Well, other than the price of gas.

Remember When’s: Reg with Laura looking on, the folks that raised me in the early days, said one time. “George, I can remember when the snow was piled so high that folks had to shovel their roofs before they could open their doors. He would go on to say. “Why, I remember a blizzard so fierce, he’d chuckle, “that we had to dig tunnels just to reach the outhouse!” I would shake my head in disbelief, but I knew that in the north, winter wasn’t just a season—it was a way of life. I sure miss them, folks.

On another note, my lovely wife and I did get to go to North Bay yesterday to pick up some supplies and things. Other than a few showers off and on, it was a great day. We got what we needed, had lunch in our car and headed on home, taking in what nature had to offer. Great day all in all.

With that I am off for a bowl of cereal that my lovely wife has made for me and will then see what the day has in store. I do have a few things in mind. Have a great day and remember, “don’t count your chickens before they hatch, but make sure you count your eggs before breakfast!” GW

Country Wisdom: Observations of an Old-Timer On January 31/2024

Good morning from this balmy corner of the North, where January feels more like June. And here it is, the last day of January!

It’s a cloudy morning here in Cottage country, and once again it isn’t all that cold. The temperature waking up was sitting at 0.4 C | 32.72 F. And for the rest of the week the temperature will stay well above the freezing mark, and on top of all that it looks as if we aren’t going to get too many real cold days for the remainder of the winter. And looking even further ahead with nature in mind, it looks as if by the end of March we could do some front porch sitting. But as with anything in nature, to truly find out what’s on her mind … we will have to play the waiting game.

Highway 522 is very quiet these days, quieter than a fishing hole on a frosty morning. But the good news is that the highway has been clear of snow for most parts this winter, which makes travelling pretty good. And for our neck of the woods, that’s something.

On another note, I worked once again in my woodworking shop yesterday for the morning, and in the afternoon I worked on editing some of my YouTube videos, along with writing up a story for my newspaper columns. So all in all a good day, but a busy day mind wise and physically, which is what is needed to stay healthy.

Today I am planning on working away here at my computer. I did however light my shop stove, or should say put some more wood in it, as I have been keeping it going for the past month, which makes it nice for working out there. Once all the equipment gets warm, it hardly takes any heat to keep it warm. You know, when it comes to your house, some folks believe turning down the heat at night is the right thing to do. But let me share a little secret: it’s not. What you want to do is bring the temperature up to a cozy level and keep it there, it’s like having a good friend around. It makes a big difference, let me tell you. So, my advice is simple: keep the warmth flowing, keep it steady, and just enjoy feeling comfortable all the time. Once your furniture, walls and things gets warm, they hold the heat. Let them cool down, it takes a lot of heat to warm them back up.

Fact or Fiction: Every winter, old Gus and his pals would embark on their annual ice fishing expedition, armed with their trusty augers and thermoses of hot cocoa/?. But one year, they returned home with a grand total of zero fish, claiming they were simply “practising their patience” for the next outing.

Kind of reminds me of Barry, my fishing buddy and me.

With that I am off for a bowl of oatmeal that my lovely wife has prepared for me and will then get to work. And remember, a rolling stone gathers no moss, but it sure sees a lot of sights along the way. Keep rolling and stay moss-free! GW

An Old-Timer’s Stories from the North Country On January 29/2024

Good Morning! Another day on this side of the sod, another chance to make it count.

It’s a cloudy morning waking up in cottage country, but the good news is it isn’t all that cold. Actually, we have been having spring weather now for the past week. And this warm weather will continue for another four days or so, and we could see some sunshine thrown in for good measure. I’m likin’ it!

Highway 522 is still very quiet traffic wise, but with no snow or ice it has made travelling nice. Which is good for our area, as we have a long way to go to pick up most of our supplies. But we do have a few places to buy things right here in town, which makes it nice. And with the price of gas, travelling any distance makes it hard on the pocket book.

For that matter, even the locals have slowed down on their chatting. Our version of small talk lately, involves a subtle nod and a knowing glance. It’s like a secret code: one nod for “hello,” two for “how’s the weather,” and three for “Did you hear about ??? up the road away?”

On another note I worked once again in my woodworking shop installing shelves, so far I got two in place which are looking good, and today will finish things up. My woodworking shop has never looked so good. Hell, it looks so good I don’t want to do any work in there in case I mess things up.

Today I will continue on.

With that I am off for a bowl of porridge that my lovely wife has prepared for me and will then see what the day has in store.

Have a great day. GW

A Northerner’s Perspective On January 28/2024

Good Morning! Woke up to another day, grateful for the sunrise and the company of good friends.

It’s a cloudy, damp morning here in Cottage country. We did have a skiff of snow earlier, but it’s stopped now.

Highway 522 is very quiet this morning, and it does have a wee bit of snow on parts of it. Hardly a car or truck moving east or west.

Actually, our whole community seems to be taking a rest these days, which is to be expected this time of year. Years ago, a friend, I knew, said that January in her small town was a gentle reminder that sometimes the most profound moments are found in the silence between breaths. I find that to be true every time I venture to my woodworking shop, in the early morning hours.

Fact or Fiction: My Grandmother was famous for her mouthwatering pies, but no one could ever quite replicate her secret recipe. “It’s all in the wrist action,” she’d say with a wink, as she rolled out dough with the finesse of a seasoned baker. Her grandkids watched in awe, trying to decipher the mystery of Granny’s culinary magic. But as they licked the crumbs from their plates, they knew that some secrets were meant to stay hidden, tucked away in the pages of family folklore. I sure miss her pies.

On another note, my lovely wife’s got the mixer out, and I’m already drooling at the thought of her chocolate chip cookies. It’s gonna be a sweet day!

Yesterday I worked the day away in my woodworking shop installing a new shelf on the one wall. I have to say it turned out real nice, so nice I am going to make another for another wall today. Which should keep me busy, which is important, as getting things done no matter how small they are, is what keeps us young and happy. At least for me.

With that, I am off for a grapefruit along with a bowl of porridge and a piece of toast, that my little woman is making for me, which should give me the energy that is needed to carry me through till them tasty cookies she is going to make are ready. Can’t wait!

Have a great day and remember. “Life is like a garden; you reap what you sow, but sometimes you get zucchinis instead of cucumbers. Embrace the surprise!” GW

An Old-Timer’s Thoughts on January 27/2024

Good morning! Today’s weather forecast: winter warmth with a 100% chance of confusion. And those that says life isn’t full of confusion is a fool or hasn’t been around long enough to see the truth. Myself, I have always figured it’s them unexpected moments that add flavour to the tale of life.

Temperature wise, we couldn’t ask for anything better here in cottage country. Getting out of bed, it was sitting at -0.1 C | 31.82 F. Although I suspect, the snowmobilers would beg to differ.

Highway 522 is wet this morning, but the good news is there isn’t any ice or snow messing things up. Which is nice, as it saves the bodies on the cars, along with other things. “Salt on the roads? You might as well coat your car in termites and call it a day.”

On another note, it is still quiet around town, other than the local views on things. Outsiders worry about global issues; we here in cottage country are more concerned about who borrowed the neighbour’s chainsaw without asking.

But all in all, winters here in cottage country is like a good book: it’s best enjoyed with a warm blanket and a steamin’ cup of cocoa. And just like a good book, you never know where it’ll take you—whether it’s down memory lane or off into the great unknown.

Yesterday once again I worked the day away in my woodworking shop. I did finish up installing the trim around the new window I have been installing over my work bench. I have to say, it sure is nice being able to look outside throughout the day.

Today, well, today’s the day I finally tackle that shelf project in my shop I’ve been putting off for twenty years, oh! My lovely wife says over twenty years. But hey, better late than never, right? It’s like a never-ending cycle in my shop: clean it up, mess it up, repeat. I will say this though, it keeps me on my toes, even if it does make me scratch my head sometimes!

Fact or Fiction: Old Bill, a friend of mine years ago, couldn’t resist spreading gossip faster than a forest fire on a windy day. One summer evening, he claimed to have heard strange noises echoing from the woods behind his cabin. “It was like nothing I’ve ever heard before,” he exclaimed, wide-eyed. “Could’ve been Bigfoot for all I know!” His friends chuckled, attributing the sounds to an overactive imagination or perhaps one too many sips of moonshine. Nevertheless, the tale of the mysterious woods kept tongues wagging well into the night. I enjoyed listening to those old timers years ago. They had a knack of holding your attention, something that is missing in today’s world.

So with that bit of information floating around in your minds, I am off for a bowl of porridge that my little woman made for me and will then head on outdoors.

Remember, life’s too short to be serious all the time. Laugh a little, smile a lot, and remember to wear clean socks! GW

Dampened Spirits, Brightened by Blue Jays: A Morning Reflection on What’s Happening On January 26/2024

“Good morning! I‘ve just uploaded a 10-minute video I made, that I believe many of you will enjoy. Take a moment to watch it when you have some free time. If you find it appealing, please consider subscribing. It doesn’t cost a cent, and your support would mean a lot to me.” The Video is at the end of this post.

They say laughter is the best medicine, but here in cottage country, we also recommend a strong cup of coffee/cocoa. Some add a finger or so of?

Highway 522 is quiet this morning, which is normal for this time of year. And it is clear of ice and snow, which will make travelling good for those wanting to head on off to the big cities.

Fact or Fiction? The mysterious disappearance of Farmer Brown’s prize-winning chicken had the town abuzz with theories. Some blamed aliens; others suspected fowl play. In the end, the culprit was a mischievous fox with a taste for drumsticks.

Yesterday, I spent the whole day in my woodworking shop putting in a new window like I talked about before. It was a lot of work, but I finally got it in place. And you know what? It really made a big difference! The shop is much brighter now, and the best part is I can see outside while I work. You could say It’s like a ray of sunshine in my workshop!

Today, well ... I’ve got to clean up the mess I’ve made, and let me tell you, it’s quite a sight. I kinda think it’s going to take most of the day to sort through it all.

Well, that’s all from me for this morning, folks! Remember, life’s too short to skip dessert and too long to ignore your dreams. Talk to you tomorrow and give that YouTube video below a look at when you have ten minutes. Grab a cuppa and enjoy! GW

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What’s Happening in The Backwoods on January 25/2024

Good Morning! Time to rise and shine, or at least rise and pretend to shine until the coffee kicks in.

For the past few days now we here in cottage country have been enjoying our January Thaw, which is kind of nice … as it gets folks minds thinking of spring which isn’t all that far off. I am sure looking forward to it.

Highway 522 is real quiet these days, so quiet it is putting a wee bit of a damper on our town gossip. That being said, you have to understand that conservation is serious business here in our small town. You could say they recycle so much that the town’s unofficial motto is “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

On another note, yesterday I spent another whole day in my woodworking shop. I decided to put in a window on the east side, which in turn messed up all the work I have been doing for the past month. But when all said and done it will sure be nice, nothing like morning sunlight to get fellow motivated. Today I will continue on, and hopefully will have it finished by supper time. I am making a video of what is taking place as I go along, which I will add to my channel later on. And the new light coming from the window should help a lot in that department too.

Morning Humour From the North: An old friend of mine, that answers to the name of Joe, insists he once had a friendly chat with a Sasquatch in the woods. He offered me a cup of pine needle tea, and we swapped stories by his campfire. Surprisingly good company, that Sasquatch,” he said with a wink.

Well, it’s time to hang up my hat for this morning’s chat, like a cowboy after a day in the saddle. Have a great day. GW

Winter Happenings In Cottage Country on January 24/2024

Good Morning! Like the winter sun on a frosted field! In the country, the simplest moments often hold the deepest wisdom, for those that listens.

It’s an even number day 24/24 which I have found means … good luck comes to those that relies on their own instincts instead of others.

The good news, this morning, is that it isn’t all that cold here in Cottage Country. Actually, the temperature is sitting at -3.8 C | 25.16 F, and it will warm up above the freezing mark as the day progresses. We could even see some rain later on this evening or some wet snow.

Highway 522 is mostly bare at the moment, which will make travelling good for those having to head off to the cities for supplies.

Morning Humour. Outsiders may think we’re nosy, but we’re just committed to keeping the local rumour ecosystem thriving. It’s what we call, a community service, really.

On another note, I steadily worked the day away in my woodworking shop yesterday organizing things, so I can make my videos better, along with being able to use and get at all my equipment and tools easily. Over the years I haven’t had time to do them things, but now, well, I figure why not make my life easier. I have to tell ya, it sure looks nice now. My lovely wife says there isn’t any reason not to make the things she has been asking for now for over the past fifty years or so. I told her life is built on patience, my dear. I won’t tell you her reply to that statement.

With that I am off for a bowl of porridge that my little woman is making for me and will then see what the day has in store. Which makes life interesting.

Like a mailbox standing tall at the end of a dirt road. ‘Til the next letter, may your day be delivered with all the good stuff. GW

What’s Happening In The Frozen North On January 21/2024

Good Morning! Frost’s on the barn, but we’re still kickin’.

It is a touch cool here in cottage country this morning with the temperature sitting at -24.4 C | -11.92 F. But walking to the shop this morning I did find a wee bit of warmth in the sun, which by the way was nice to see and feel. However, it is the middle of winter for us here in the north which means …. the cold is just starting along with the snow. The good news is every day from now on is closing in on spring. Which I always look forward too.

Highway 522 is partially snow covered with some icy sections throughout, So care should be taken if out and about.

On another note, my lovely wife and I took a trip to North Bay yesterday to pick up some supplies, which will last us for a few more weeks. Not that we truly needed anything, but it did get us out of the house for a spell, taking in some new sights, which is what is needed living where we do, with being so busy and all. We call it getting away from things. While there we dropped some things off to Karl our son who works at NORAD there in the Bay, Had a short chat, got a bite to eat enjoying it together in the car, while people watching, and then headed on home with coffee in hand, taking in nature as we passed it by. I have to tell you, the trees and things sure looked pretty with all the snow on the branches. It seems we never get tired of looking at it. But then again, summer is down right nice too here in the north.

Morning Humour: Back in ’68, Gramps swore he caught a fish so big during the annual ice fishing derby that it pulled him across the frozen lake on his trusty toboggan. Some say it was a legendary pike; others suspect Gramps might’ve been sampling his hot cocoa/? a bit generously that day.

With that, it’s time for me to head back to the woodpile, like a stack of memories waiting to be kindled. And have a great day, A! GW

What’s Happening in The Frosty North on January 19/2024

Click on Image to Enlarge!

Good Morning to ya, it’s as cold as a well-digger’s handshake!

To get the meaning of that statement, you would/might have had to grow up in that era.

However, it is damn cold out there this morning, with the temperature sitting at -23.3 C | -9.94 F. The good news is, some of that old pine I have had lying around for a few years sure splits nice. I did up a bunch this morning for my shop stove. You could say I worked up an appetite. Thinking about that, years ago on the farm we were always in bed around 7:00 PM and up at 4 AM, reason being … we had to milk the cows and get the cream ready for the fellow that picked it up at 7:30 AM. And along with that, we had a day’s work to do, and laying in bed wasn’t getting it done.

You know as hard as them days were I sure miss them, well … let’s say a wee bit. Today my lovely wife and I still go to bed early, and get up early as our days are full. Which is a good thing as it keeps us young. Thinking about that last statement, I remember Laura, the lady that raised me, saying: Young in mind, Young in body and Heart. And I believe that to be true. As if you think you’re old, you eventually persuade your body to be old. And I also found over the years that I have to keep my mind active, which I have been doing a lot these days. And to top off all that, in keeping busy and doing new things, you don’t have time to dwell on all the problems that others are causing in this old world of ours. I believe there is too much information out there today, especially coming in from our Powers that be, along with other countries. Years ago the only news that was important, or should say … half the news that was important, was what was happening in your own town. Hell, right here in our town, we’ve got more grapevines than a vineyard, and our harvest? Well, it’s a bumper crop of juicy gossip. So beats the hell out of me why we need to look outside our area for news.

On another note, my wife and I worked steadily clearing snow yesterday from our driveway, our neighbour’s deck, along with ours. It took us most of the morning, and we were happy to head on indoors for a hot cup of cocoa when finished. And once again we slept good through the night.

Today being so cold, I might head on out to the old woodworking shop, as I do have some things I want to do. First, though, I will edit some videos for my YouTube Channel that I made, which should keep me busy for part of the day.

With that, it’s time to close the barn door on this morning’s thoughts, like a farmer wrapping up a day’s chores. But first, I am off for some pancakes that my lovely wife is preparing for us. Not to for get Mike Clapperton’s Maple Syrup that we will drizzle over the top of them, along with a Sunnyside up egg on the side. Which in turn … should hold me till lunchtime.

In closing, I Would Like to Wish You Well. GW

Life in the Northern Country On January 18/2024

Good Morning!

It’s a cold morning, waking up in cottage country with the temperature sitting at -12.6 C | 9.32 F.

The good news is we didn’t have any more snow through the night. Yesterday though was a different story as it snowed all day and I would say we got close to another foot. Especially in front of my shop door. Seems the snow always accumulates there. I swear it does it on purpose. But it does give me a workout every morning first thing.

Highway 522 is still snow covered, which won’t make travelling all that good. Best to stay home today if you can, as there are better days ahead. At least, I hope there is. There also isn’t all that much traffic moving up or down the highway these days,

On another note, I once again worked most of the day yesterday here on my computer, but today I will be out moving snow. The good news is that once again the snow is light, which will make moving it a lot easier.

Other than that, not much else happening in and around our small town on this cold morning.
Have a great day and stay safe. GW

Old-Time Insights of What’s Happening on January 17/2024

Good Morning! Another sunrise, another chance to let the wisdom of tie-dye shirts and bell-bottom pants guide us through the day.

It’s a bit cool here, waking up in cottage country with the temperature sitting at -9.7 C | 14.54 F.

Highway 522 is snow covered this morning after the snow we had through the night. I would say we had another three inches or so, but the good news is it’s still light and easy to move. The highway is also still quiet these days other than our daily gossip that is norm for most small towns. It seems that Sippin’ hot coffee by the fire is most folks confessional booth. I reckon the coffee mugs have heard more secrets than the meeting places here in town. There’s somethin’ about coffee that loosens the lips. Or it could be something that they add to the coffee.

On another note, yesterday I didn’t do too much in my woodworking shop other than stoking my wood stove. I have to admit it sure is nice having a warm shop, something about it seems to draw a feller to it. But then again, our home has the same feeling, so it’s a toss up for this old feller on where to spend his time. I do however enjoy sipping hot cocoa and chatting to my lovely wife. You know, we have been together over fifty some years, and it seems we never run out of things to talk about. And the best part is, all our talks are interesting.

Nowadays, it’s pretty rare to see couples sticking together for more than five years. I think it’s because of how people are raised. From the get-go, it seems like most folks are getting pushed to do things the way others want, instead of having the freedom to do their own thing.

A bunch of these groups and places act like they need to recruit everyone to think just like them, which I think is totally wrong. Anyway, we’re paying the price for it now, but it’s good to see that more young folks are starting to do things their own way. Hmm, not sure how I ended up talking about this, but there you go!

Today I am planning on cleaning up my shop, but first I have to finish doing some work here at my computer which I didn’t finish up yesterday. Put both things together and my day will be full. Not to forget that our driveway is going to need cleaning too. However, it is snowing pretty hard at the moment, so we will let it get it out of its system first.

Well, that’s my rant from the north woods, like a trapper hanging up the day’s catch. Take care, and may your day be as fruitful as a well-set trap line. GW

What’s Happening, Age-Old Wisdom in Every Word on January 15/2024

“Mornin’, Folks! We woke up to a snow quilt covering the fields here in Cottage Country. Time to shake off the flakes and step into a fresh day!”

Starting things off, we are having some more snow this morning. It started around 3:00 AM, and it’s still snowing. However, this time the snow is light and fluffy, which will make cleaning things up a lot easier. Now the day before yesterday was another story, as it was wet and major heavy, which took my lovely wife and I most of the day to clean up. I have to tell you, we both slept good that night after that workout.

But even with the snow, yesterday I did manage to do some more work here at my computer, and I did accomplish a lot, or I thought I accomplished a lot, but found out something messed up with my editing program. I thought I put in a lot of work for nothing. So when my son Karl got home I asked him what he thought was wrong, and after a bit of troubleshooting he fixed it for me, and I was able to download all the work I had done. That made me happy, let me tell ya. While I had him on the phone, I asked him if he could fix a few other issues that were taking place, and he once again fixed them too. He also set my computer up with another version of Linux which is more stable, so we will see how that works out. It sure is nice having a technologist in the family. Not much he doesn’t know when it comes to fixing things in this high-tech world we live in today

Highway 522 is mostly snow covered this morning with some icy sections throughout, so care should be taken if out and about. But you all knew that anyway, right? And there isn’t much traffic/people moving around these days other than gossip of course, which is normal for our small town. The town’s gossip grapevine is as tangled and twisted as a back road on the outskirts. You’ll hear about Mrs …. new chicken coop before she even finishes building it. Ha ha.

On another note, the temperature this morning isn’t all that bad with it sitting at -7.1 C | 19.22 F. We also could see another 4–6 inches of snow throughout the day, but as I always say it is what it is, as Mother Nature has her own way of doing things and there is nothing that us humans can do about it. Which is the way it should be. We humans mess enough up.

With that, I am off for a bowl of cereal this morning that my lovely wife is preparing for me, and perhaps half an English muffin, topped with some homemade peach jam for a tasty treat. We’re truly enjoying the fruits of our labour from last fall. It’s a joy to enjoy the results of our efforts.

Have a great day! GW

Simple Sayings, Simple Living Of What’s Happening on January 13/2024

Good Morning!

“Well … the cocoa/coffee’s hot, the snow’s deep, and the promise of a cozy day ahead is in the air. Let’s make the most of it, safely, that is.”

We might not have had that much snow so far this winter, but through the night we made up for it here in cottage country. I would say in certain areas we had a good foot, especially in front of my shop door. And on the roof of our house, shop and lean-to/carport, I would say there is a good three feet, caused by some drifting from the winds that accompanied the storm. And the not so good thing is, the snow is wet and very heavy, which will make clearing it not so good. Along with all that, it’s still snowing as I am doing this morning post.

The good news is my snowblower is warm as I put it in the shop after the last snowfall, and it’s jumpin’ at the bit to get going. His owner now, well … that’s another story. My wife and I will have to take it a bit easy when moving it, being so heavy an all, and we are getting up there in years.

I might see if I can set things up and make another video, so folks can have a look see of what took place. It all depends on how this new camera works out. I have to admit, though, the colour and clarity of these videos now will/ are amazing. Very high resolution, which is nice, but you need a good computer to do the editing. Which I have thanks to Karl, my son, as he set me up with the best there is … almost. It sure is nice having a couple boys that are up on all these things, and the best part is, they can fix anything that goes wrong, which is what old Dad needs occasionally. The nicest thing is Karl got me and my wife using Linux for a computer operating system years ago, and it has Microsoft beat hands down, and the best part is it’s free. It does however take a bit of getting used to, but over the years my lovely wife and I have become accustomed to it.

Highway 522 is snow covered along with a lot of icy sections throughout, which is to be expected after all the snow had overnight. I would think it would be best for folks to stay home today, which in turn could save you a lot of grief. That’s what my wife and I are planning on doing. But in saying that, we are prepared for bad weather, with wood heat along with oil heat if necessary, and we have lots of food and homemade preserves to keep our tummies full. In times like this, or worse, we are able to make do without having to go anywhere. Which is what is needed to be able to live here comfortably in the north.

On another note, once again I didn’t do much in my woodworking shop yesterday, actually I didn’t do anything in there, other than feeding my shop stove which keeps things warm. Today, well as everyone else in our small town, we will be clearing snow from places that is needed. Like our decks, roofs, and driveways, along with a few paths that lead to my wood piles that I use for my shop stove. Which makes it easier for me to move around with my wheelbarrow.

So with that I am off for a nourishing bowl of porridge, which will give me the strength I need to clean up all this snow. However, another good thing is it isn’t all that cold with the temperature sitting at 0.4 C | 32.72 F. A smidgen above the freezing mark, which is good in some ways, and not so good in other ways. The not so good part is, it makes the snow all that much heavier to move. But it is what it is.

Have a great day my friends, stay safe and take extra care moving the snow, we don’t need anyone hurtinthemselves, that’s for sure. GW

What’s Happening Told the Country Way on January 12/2024

Good Morning. But, as I have always told my boys. Living on the farm, we don’t just say good morning or hello, we say welcome to another page in the book of life.

That comes from being a writer … among other things.

Highway 522 is partially snow covered in certain areas and there are some icy sections throughout.

In saying that we are in for some snow, as looking up at the sky late last night walking to my shop to stoke the fire, the signs were there letting us all know it is closing in on us. Some now get all up tight, but for my lovely wife and I, living here in the north, it’s like the sky’s way of sending us a friendly reminder to slow down and enjoy life at nature’s pace.

On another note, I didn’t do all that much yesterday in my woodworking shop, but I did learn enough so I can use this new camera I bought awhile back, for making my YouTube Videos. And I have to say the videos from here on in, will look down right nice. It’s amazing what they have come up with over the past few years, relating to technology. You could say that this old feller, still enjoys the old ways, but he also likes a sprinkle of modern on top, just to sweeten things up a bit. Something like my hot Cocoa that my lovely wife makes for me every morning.

That is what these videos are all about, which is why I named it Reviving The Simple Life. Which truth told is what a lot/most today has forgotten.

Well, that’s my northern sunrise talk for the day, my friends. Stay safe and take some extra precautions when around a lot of people, as there is a lot of sickness going around these days. GW

Old Timer’s Almanac: A Glimpse into the Past for Today’s Soul on January 11/2024

Good Morning! And as my old Dad used to say. “The early bird catches the worm, but an old feller knows, sometimes it’s just nice to watch the world wake up!

My Dad had a lot of sayings like that, as did Reg and Laura, the folks that raised me in the early days of my life.

Highway 522 is pretty well clear of snow and ice this morning, and it’s still very quiet, which is normal for this time of year. You could say that: “Traffic on 522 moves like the town gossip—slow, winding, and with a few unexpected twists. You’ll get there eventually, just like the latest rumour.

Yesterday once again I worked away getting used to this new camera I bought for taking YouTube Videos and I think I am getting the hang of things. Today I have a few more things to get straight in my mind and will then see how it works in the real world. It has been a challenge … let me tell ya.

On the subject of my YouTube Videos, I am real happy to see so many folks enjoying them, as every day more folks are subscribing. Now some have asked why, at this time in my life, am I doing this? Well the simple truth of it is, is that over the years I have learned a lot, and truth told I just want to share what I have learned. As if I don’t, I feel way down deep, all that I have learned would have been for nothing. And the best part is it doesn’t cost anyone a cent, other than a few minutes of their time, and subscribing to my channel, which there again doesn’t cost a cent. Personally, I think that is a pretty darn good deal. I added a link to my Channel Below where you can watch my videos and subscribe.

Well, that wraps up our morning chat, like a blanket around a cup of hot cocoa. Have a great day and stay safe. I am off for a bowl of oatmeal that my lovely wife has prepared for me and will then see what the day has in store. GW

“Country Corners: Where Stories Aren’t Too Fancy on January 10/2024”

Good Morning! “May your day be as steady as an old plow horse and as satisfying as a home-cooked meal.”

It’s not too bad of a morning, waking up in cottage country. The temperature climbing out of bed was sitting at -5.3 C | 22.46 F. However, we did have a bit of snow yesterday afternoon and a bit more through the night. Just enough that I have to wake up my snowblower. And if the storm that is closing in on us tracks the right way, we could see quite a bit more from Friday on into Sunday.

You know it’s winter here in Cottage country, when folks start layering up like they’re preparing for a trip to Alaska. Actually, I saw a lady at the store the other day; she had so many scarves on, she looked like a walking quilt shop. But it is winter, and where we live, if anyone gets snow, it is usually us. Anyway, what will be, will be.

On another note, yesterday, I worked steadily for most of the day on learning how to use this new camera I bought for taking YouTube videos. You would think they would make things simple, but they sure don’t. It was like I was trying to teach a chicken to square dance – not an easy feat, let me tell ya. But I am slowly getting the hang of things.

Today my lovely wife and I will be clearing snow, which will take most of the morning. I suspect by the time we are finished, we will be ready for another cup of hot cocoa. Looking outside it is snowing again, actually really coming down. Hmm, maybe we should wait for a bit till it gets it out of its system.

Til next time, may your flakes be light, and your paths be clear. GW

An Old Feller’s Ode to the Simple Life on January 8/2024

Good Morning Folks! Another sunrise, another chance to outsmart the cold.

But in saying that it isn’t all that cold out there waking up in cottage country. Getting out of bed, the temperature was sitting at -3 C | 26.6 F. Well, I guess it is cold to some, but up here in the north unless the temperature drops below 0 F most don’t even think about putting on their long handles.

Highway 522 is clear of snow this morning, which will make travelling fair. I say fair as there is some snow in the forecast for later on in the day and into tomorrow. We could see a lot … or just a few inches, it kind of depends on which way the storm is going to track. I do know the folks that own snowmobiles are sure wanting the snow, along with the temperature, to drop so they can get out and enjoy their machines and take in what nature has to offer. At any rate, we are edging into the middle of January, so spring isn’t all that far off. Personally, I am happy with the weather so far this winter, as the less snow we get, the less cleaning my wife and I have to do. But then again we do enjoy being out there, as it keeps us fit, and there is nothing sweeter than our fresh northern air, especially in the morning hours.

On another note, I worked away in my woodworking shop all day yesterday making room for a new addition. My lovely wife asked how I made out when I came in for supper, and I told her.

“Actually, I managed to organize things so efficiently that I now find myself with even more space than I had initially. It’s even crossed my mind that there might be room for a few more additional items.” She just gave me the look. You MEN folk know what that is all about. Right!

This morning I did put another log in my shop stove and might do some more work out there later on, but first I am planning on getting used to this new camera I bought for making YouTube Videos. I have to tell ya, it sure has been a chore learning all these new things, along with editing. But I am getting the hang of it, and every new video I make gets a bit better.

And while on the subject of my YouTube Channel, I would like to say thanks to all those that have subscribed and watched my videos. It’s nice to see, so many are enjoying them.

“Well, that’s my cue to mosey along. Life’s like a square dance – take a spin, enjoy the do-si-do, and tip your hat to tomorrow. Have a great day!” GW

“Cottage Comforts in the Great White North: Life Beyond the Pines on January 7/2024

Good Morning! “Like a snowflake, each day is unique up here in the north – filled with its own beauty and a touch of country charm.”

So it has been a few days since my last post and folks are letting me know wondering where I am at, with all the E-Mails I have been getting,

Well, truth be told I have been real busy the past few days with looking after my lovely wife as she had food poisoning which put her in bed for a while, but she did recover quick which was a good thing. After she got better I got a deal on a large 24-inch Delta Scroll Saw so we had to go and pick it up, which took a good day. And now I am in the process of fixing it up to its natural glory, along with finding a spot for it in my woodworking shop. Actually, my shop is made up of old equipment that has gone through the test of time. Something like myself, actually. And along with all that, I have been busy editing some YouTube Videos and putting them on my Channel, which is doing quite well. It’s nice to see folks hanging in there, while I get used to making them. So yep, I have been quite busy.

Now that my little woman is back to herself, things will be a lot easier. One thing is for certain, that housework can kill an old feller. Truth be told, anyone that says woman’s work is easy, well they don’t know what they are talking about.

Highway 522 is partially snow covered this morning, and overnight we did have an inch or so of new snow. Hardly enough to warrant me waking up my old snowblower. The highway is also still quiet these days as are all our businesses, but it is that time of year, and it’s to be suspected, The thing is we live so far off the beaten track, it is a challenge for anyone to reach us. Sure, some businesses might be scratching their heads about our slow pace, but my wife and I feel there’s a beauty in simplicity. You see, we moved here for the quiet symphony of wind rustling through the leaves, not the sound of sirens and traffic or dealing with all the politics in farming anymore. Not that I didn’t like farming as it was my passion, let’s just say it was time to move on and get to doing new things, which is what my wife and I are all about.

You could say that there’s wisdom in the simplicity of life here, where a cup of cocoa warms the soul as much as the crackling fireplace warms the toes. Which is what I am about to enjoy right now with my lovely wife.

“Well, that’s me for today. Life’s like a rooster – it’ll crow again tomorrow. Sip your hot coffee/hot cocoa, laugh a little, and let the day strut on.” GW