Chopping Blocks

Here is a picture of a tree we took down last year. I did save a couple of the larger pieces for chopping blocks. Everyone needs a chopping block, especially in this country.

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The importance of Farmers

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Home Sweet Home

Here are a few more pictures, that I took last fall of our small cottage, home and landscape around our home. Thought I would share. Nature can sure put on a show when she wants too. Might get your mind off all that snow.

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Caribou Lake

I took this picture last Fall, of my wife taking a picture, just before winter. Sure looks nice out there. I can’t wait till summer.

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What’s Happening, January 20/2022

So how’s everyone doing on this cold January Morning. It is cold with the temperature sitting at -26.9 C | -16.42 F. So cold I had to add a few extra pieces of firewood to my wood furnace though the night. We can always tell, even before checking the temperature, that it is below normal by the way the windows are frozen up getting out of bed. Which is a good thing, as it means our Humidifier is working properly. That’s the only issue with wood heat, you have to make sure you have humidity in the house. We have a good Humidifier that was made in Germany, not the cheapest, but it works fantastic, and you don’t have to buy filters for it. We also have a lot of plants which not only adds humidity, but they also clean the air giving off fresh oxygen which helps us stay healthy. There is nothing better, health wise, than having a lot of plants in every room in your home. I wouldn’t hesitate to bet that most homes, today, doesn’t have any plants. In some ways, it’s unsettling seeing how our world today is changing. If there is anyone wanting a couple plants, we have lots, and we would be more than happy to give you a couple. They are always having young ones that needs a good home. Highway 522 is about half covered with snow this morning, and there are a lot of icy sections throughout. So care will have to be taken if you’re travelling today. We did have another inch of snow yesterday, after the 6 to 8 inches we got the night before. So … there is lots of the white stuff for them snowmobiles to slide around on. At the moment, though, I would think it is too cold for them to be roaming around. But then again, they do have some fancy snowmobile suits these days. I would suspect they are expensive too. Yesterday it took my lovely wife and i most of the morning to clean out our driveway and decks, along with helping out our neighbour friend cleaning her deck and car. She is a nice lady for sure. We couldn’t have a better neighbour. I give her a lot of credit as she is 90 some years young, still driving and doing things all on her own. Amazing. I would have to say she has led a good life. With that, I am off for a Raisin Bagel this morning that my wife is preparing, and will then get to finishing this podcast that I have on the go. I will post it tomorrow morning. Take care, stay safe, and wear a good mask at all times, as this virus is sure taking its toll on us here in Ontario at the moment. Over 60 died yesterday, caused by the virus. And I am thinking a lot could have been prevented. I feel for them and their families. GW

Update: Ontario added another 75 virus-related fatalities to its overall death toll today.

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Strawberry producer

Strawberry producer, Ever Tru Farms launches in Ontario.

I wish them all the best. We need more like this. Grown in Canada. I will be looking for them in the grocery store.

Antivaxxers The guys got a Point

Ontario Election

A new Ontario poll gives Doug Ford’s PCs a 9-point lead.

Well, with all that has been going on with this virus. I think Bob Ford did the best he could, with who and what he had to work with. And one has to remember, no one expected that a virus would run rampant across the whole world. I just hope that we here in Canada has learned a lesson from all this. We need to start looking after ourselves. All my life, I have stressed. You have to look after yourself first. If you don’t. You won’t be able to help anyone.

One biggie would be to start manufacturing vaccines and other medicines here at home, so we can be self-sufficient.

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One Brave Cat?

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What are you guys looking at?

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Bird Watching

Hmm, I know I saw a bird around here somewhere!!

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Snow Forts

St. Catharines kids are building snow forts on and along the roads.

Kids are kids, but there are times that they need to be told right from wrong. And this is one of those times. Where are the parents?

Fighting and Wars

Canada is asked to match U.S. and United Kingdom shipments of defensive weapons to Ukraine as the threat of a Russian invasion continues to hang over Eastern Europe.

Well here again I don’t like to wade in what one should be doing or shouldn’t be doing, but I will say this. I personally think we should be minding our business here in Canada and looking after our own problems. There are a lot more pressing things than making guns, wars and so on. I would have thought this virus that is in every country would have brought us humans together instead of apart. But I was wrong, and what a shame that is,

What’s Happening/ January 19/2022

How you all doing this morning? Good I hope. We didn’t get the snow that they said we would get overnight, but we did get around 6 inches. We could see a wee bit throughout the day, but I don’t suspect it will amount to much. Maybe another inch. Highway 522 is snow covered in a lot of areas, so care will have to be taken if out and about. The snow we did have is wet and heavy, so … us older folks should be careful when trying to move it. It’s the kind of snow that messes up our old backs. The good news is it is mild outside, with the temperature getting out of bed sitting at 0.5 C | 32.9 F. Seeing these temperatures one would think that we are in for a January thaw, but it won’t remain warm for long, as tonight the temperature will drop substantially. So I am thinking later on when I work up enough energy I will clean out our driveway before it freezes solid. Yesterday I worked all day on a new Podcast and if things goes to plan it should be ready for Friday. All depends on how I feel. Being the age I am, you never know, LOL. I might not like what a day might bring, but, I accept it, and make the best of it. No use sitting around brewing about things, as that doesn’t help one bit. With that, I am off for a bowl of Oatmeal this morning along with a piece of toast that my lovely wife is making me. Whole Flake Oatmeal or as we called it years ago … Porridge, seems to stick to your ribs for a while, and is loaded with all kinds of good things, which gives you the energy you need to get things done. Ha Ha. Take care and stay safe. This virus these days is sure taking its toll on us humans. In Ontario alone, we are having over 20 some deaths every day. Today January 19th we had over 60 Deaths caused by the virus. And some say this virus is nothing. Makes me shake my head. GW

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Starlink Adding More Satellites

Pretty interesting stuff for sure. It’s sure amazing what they are doing these days. Hey, maybe my Internet will be faster as I use Starlink. But it will be hard to beat what I have now, with 230 Mbps or more. There is no internet service out there today, that can even begin to match Starlink’s speed and reliability. Not cheap, but still cheaper than most of the others after they add on all the extras. And it is only going to get better. Well worth the money!

I believe that our powers that be, would have been better off giving Starlink the working man’s money, rather than ….. Makes you wonder why they would do such a thing.

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Homer Simpson’s Look a Like

I read an article today, that says, that some people are noticing more and more similarities between Doug Ford and Homer Simpson.

And yes … we all know it’s the people that doesn’t like the Conservatives. We also know or should know that they are being sarcastic with saying that. Personally … I enjoy watching Homer from time to time. Maybe it’s because he’s a down to earth kind of guy, saying things like they are.

Nature in hiding

Nature is sure amazing to say the least. And she knows how to protect its own too. I took this picture out of our living room window awhile back. How many Wild Turkeys do you see in the picture?

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George gets a handle on things

Alright. As most of you know. There are all kinds of firewood guys in our area, or outside our area for that matter. So that got me to thinking. Why not take the firewood to the next level. Heck! Folks are coming up with all kind of new ideas and inventions these days. So with that in mind, I came up with what I thought was ingenious. Firewood With a Handle. Can’t be done? Wrong. Take a look at this.

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Mentality of some

An industry association says a Sudbury grocery store likely won’t be the last to give up on selling alcohol.

I sometimes wonder where the minds are of some people. It’s not going to help one bit by stopping the sales of alcohol in grocery stores. People will simply buy it elsewhere. The only ones they are hurting are themselves. But in saying that, the Beer Store will be happy. Ha Ha

And it should be noted that it isn’t about what folks eat or drink, be it sugar, pop, food or alcohol, it’s all about moderation.

Covid Outbreaks

Hong Kong to kill 2,000 small animals after hamsters blamed for COVID-19 outbreak in closed-off city

Hmm, and they say we Canadians started this virus through a letter. I know … Hong Kong, China, same location.

Justice for All?

Premier Jason Kenney asked Alberta’s justice minister to take a leave of absence,” from his duties, until a review into his conduct following a distracted-driving ticket he received in 2021 is completed.
Well … I think most of us know where this is headed. Ha Ha.

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