Good Morning

Cloudy morning waking up here in Port Loring Ontario Canada. Actually cool this morning, with temperatures sitting at 15.2 C | 59.36 F. The reason for the coolness is the wind is coming in from the North West. Things will warm up some in a bit, with sunshine entering into the picture. We did have a wee bit more rain which was needed. Under the trees though it is still dry. My tomatoes are starting to take shape … but it will be a few more weeks before we get to taste one or two. This year I put in a row of low acid ones. I got them started from some seeds that I brought with me seventeen years ago. Should be interesting to see how they taste. I do know when we had the farms years ago they were a good seller. Time will tell. Another thing that amazes me is how old these seeds are, and they still germinated and grew into some nice plants. You never know with Nature let me tell you. Today I will be working in the woodworking shop as I have a couple orders to fill along with another sign I need to cut out for my lovely wife. People sure love her signs, I can’t say I blame them as they all turn out beautiful. With that I am off for a bite to eat and then let it settle with a cup of organic perked coffee. GW

Complaints always welcome.

Good Morning

No sunshine so far this morning in Port Loring Ontario Canada. But the good news is we did have a bit of rain which my vegetable garden needed badly. I think things grew a foot overnight. It never ceases to amaze me what Mother Nature can do. As hard as we try to do things, Mother Natures makes it look easy. Of course, she can cause havoc too if we aren’t prepared. Temperatures waking up were sitting at 21.7 C | 71.06 F. Actually quite warm for this early in the morning. We could see a couple of morning showers; otherwise, clouds will slowly leave us making way for some sun. We also have a nice breeze coming in from the 298 deg | WNW. On another note I will see about doing some mowing in a bit. The grass though has slowed down some which is fine by me. With that … I am for my morning cup of perked coffee and will just let the day do as it wants. Seems to do that anyways. LOL

That’s what the wife says about me. Hmm.

Morning Post For Port Loring

Another sunny day here in Port Loring Ontario Canada. Seems to be a trend these days. Waking up temperatures were sitting at 15.3 C | 59.54 F. It will warm up as the day moves forward. We could use some rain though as our vegetable gardens are pretty dry. I have been watering daily but it isn’t the same as what mother nature can do. But it’s better than nothing. On another note the lettuce is growing leaps and bounds. The Romaine lettuce is great this year as the Boston lettuce. Kale is being held back a touch but it is coming along. It might be a good thing, as it then will last into the late fall. Zucchini is all out in blossom yellow and green. I enjoy it made into spaghetti and covered with a nice tomato sauce made from the low acid tomatoes covered with cheese. Pretty tasty let me tell you. Today I will do some work in the shop on orders. Lots to keep this old feller out of trouble. The wife seems to think that is a good idea. Not sure why. LOL With that I am off for my morning coffee. GW

I sure like their horses myself. They are the ones on the right if you can’t tell the difference.

Good Morning Port Loring

We all woke up to sunshine this morning here in Port Loring. Should be no complaints weather wise. Temperatures were sitting at 14C/56F. It will warm up as the day progresses. Black Flies are almost all gone, but there is a few around in some areas. Mosquitoes are another story, as them blood sucking parasites are everywhere at the moment. The horse and deer flies are also bothering a person too. But hey! It’s summer and as bad as they are it is still a lot better than all that snow and cold weather we have had. On another note I would like thank Janet and Frank for dropping by on Sunday. I hope you enjoy your sign you ordered and your new Flute. You asked what you should do to the sign? Nothing just leave it the way it is and it will last for years. The Flute as good as it is now, will only get better as time goes by. Why? Because it is made out of air dried wood and as it ages things start to sound nicer. It’s kind of like a fine wine. The longer it ages the nicer it gets. That’s true too. With that I am off to my shop I have some orders to get ready. After that it is Front Porch Sittin’ time. Rough life huh! GW

What could be better?

Good Morning

A great looking day out there starting things off. Sun is shining and a light breeze coming in from the East. Not as hot. Temperatures will rise a wee bit, but we should see sunshine all day. Getting out of bed temperatures were sitting at 13.8 C | 56.84 F. Black Flies are gone for most areas and Mosquitoes are slowing down with this heat we been having. So all in all a great weekend. About time too. On another note I would like to thank Judy, Sandra, Jackie and Julian for dropping by our store yesterday. I hope you girls all enjoy your Flutes. As I say to everyone that buys one … if you have any issues at all, feel free to drop by or Email me and I will be more than happy to help you. In reality there should be no problems. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and will let the day unfold around me. A great day for some front porch Sittin’ and remember. The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. GW

What life is all about.

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