Morning Chat Jan 16/2021

Good Morning From Port Loring! Ontario, Canada. It’s another cloudy day here in our small community. We are also having a few flurries which will continue on throughout the day. The snow will stop, as night fall approaches. I don’t really think it will amount to much, but in saying that, here in Port Loring anything is possible. Highway 522 is wet and bare so far this morning, but that could change. Around town things are quiet with a lot of folks doing what they should be doing …. staying home. As it is getting bad out there with this virus. And for those that think it is nothing to worry about, what do you say about the 100 people a day that are dying from this virus in Ontario alone. And while on that subject … one thing that bothers me a lot, is that everyone is saying … well if you look at the statistics the folks that are dying the most are the seniors in homes and places. What the hell does that mean?? Is it that we older folks don’t matter?? Makes me shake my head with the mentality of some people. It’s the same as this thing that is going around Black Lives Matter. Hell every life matters!! If asked I would say that most of all these folks that are promoting this stuff, are causing more harm than good. And one last thing. A lot of folks are saying that it is the virus that is to blame for it spreading so rapidly. That makes me shake my head too … as in reality … it’s also what we humans didn’t do. Anyways … that is my Slice of Life for this Saturday morning. Take it for what it’s worth. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee with my lovely wife and a bowl of oatmeal, and will get back to my shop reorganizing. It’s been a week of 8-hour days, and I am still not finished. LOL Take care, stay safe and do what’s right to protect yourself, family and friends.

Episode 56: Toilet Seats Slash Paper

Episode 56: Hi folks. I hope you all are well, and staying safe. Today I have another podcast lined up for you, that I am thinking, some will identify with. I hope you enjoy Toilet Seats/Paper. It might even put a smile on your face, which is something everyone is in need of these days. Have a great day!

Politics runs Ramped

There is a lot more that should have been done before the fact, I grant you that. But this article has a lot of merit.

If it’s only about vaccines, you don’t need leaders, just competent health professionals to distribute and deliver the jabs. The leader Ford resembles isn’t Trump, it’s Boris Johnson: buffoon and blusterer, procrastinator and reverser.

Morning Chat Jan 14/2921

Good Morning! It’s a cloudy day here in Port Loring, Ontario Canada. Kind of a norm for this time of year. We could see some light flurries or freezing rain later on today. There is a freezing rain advisory in effect at the moment. Highway 522 is bare and dry this morning so far which will make travelling good, but that could change in a bit. However, … no one should be going anywhere other than for groceries or things that are necessary. We have around ten inches of snow in total on the ground here in our area, Temperatures though have been quite mild for most of our winter so far. This morning the temperature getting out of bed was sitting at -0.8 C | 30.56 F right on the freezing line of things. It will cool down a lot starting Sunday. On another note I have been working redesigning my woodworking shop for the past week. Not doing as much woodworking over the years a lot of my things needed fixing and dusting off. Heck of a mess. But I decided to get back into it a wee bit, just enough to keep me busy. I am kind of missing it. The reason I haven’t done much was that my allergy to dust and things has bugged me to where I could hardly do anything out there. Now though knowing what I have learned over the years came up with my own filtering system using and old box fan with a good furnace filter attached to it. Works great and the air in my shop is always nice and clean. Other than when I open the door to my shop stove too quickly. When that happens I head for the house for a coffee till things settle down LOL. Speaking of coffee I guess I will go and have one now with my lovely wife, and then see what the day has in store. Take care, stay safe as this virus is now getting out of hand.

Not good

According to the provincial government, more than 60,000 international travellers are arriving at Toronto Pearson International Airport each week despite the ongoing pandemic.

My way of looking at things is to close down the air lines completely until our vaccines are administered. They close the boarders, but they leave the airports open. People say okay, I will park my car and jump on a plane. Being polite and telling folks to stay home isn’t the answer. Oh, some will abide by the rules, but I bet around 40% or more won’t. Then they say no one is to blame, it’s the virus we should blame LOL. Truth be told the virus can’t spread if people don’t spread it. Such it that.

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