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I have to admit that this young fellow doing the talking is very good at what he does. He sums things up quite nicely, if I do say so myself.

But you know. After watching this video, I am thinking that in part, it might be a good thing, as this big breasted woman/man … in reality … is truly showing what our world is becoming.

My opinion only.

What’s Happening On Sept 25/2022 In Port Loring, Ontario, Canada.

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It’s a cloudy rainy morning here in Port Loring. It isn’t as cool as it was, with the temperature getting out of bed sitting at 10.3 C | 50.54 F. Yesterday turned out to be a really nice day with lots of sunshine thrown in for good measure. Highway 522 has been quite busy. Today with the rain and being Sunday … I suspect things will slow down.

On another note my wife and I have been real busy for the past week getting things done up for winter along, with all the things I didn’t get done with being laid up all summer. It’s amazing what can be done when two old Clydesdale’s pull together. Same goes with my wife and I. I wrote a story about that awhile ago for one of my columns.

Being that we worked so hard the past few days we are going to take the day off today. At least for most parts, as my lovely wife is doing a wash. Women’s work is never done they say, and I agree with that. Men would be hard pressed if we didn’t have them.

I might make a loaf of home made bread this morning. I did have a great recipe that I was given to me by the folks that used to have the General Store here in town, but somehow I lost it. It was a real good one too, that could be made in a bread maker. Since I lost it the bread isn’t the same.

With that I am off for a bite to eat and will then see what the day has in store, other than what I have planned. You never know. Stay safe. GW

In Closing, I Would Like To Wish You Well.

What’s Happening in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada on Sept 24/2022

It’s another cool morning here in Port Loring. The temperature waking up was sitting at 3.1 C | 37.58 F. It will warm up later on. The sun is shinning though, which should make it a real nice day. Highway 522 was quite busy yesterday. I did notice a lot of campers going up and down the highway. So there are a few still wanting to enjoy the north. Can’t say I blame then either as it is a pretty time of year with all the leaves on the trees changing colors.

On another note my wife and I did manage to get our vegetable garden cleaned out and ready to rototiller up yesterday. We also got the the grass cut and the weed-eating done. Sure looks nice around our home now. Every window you look out of, looks like a park. Actually better than a park.

Today I will see if I can get my old tiller running and if so will do up the garden. I enjoy looking at the soil when all worked up. I guess it brings me back to my days on the farm. I do miss them days.

With that I am off for a bowl of cereal that my lovely wife is making for me and will then see what I can get done. Have a great day.

In Closing, I Would Like To Wish You Well. GW

Unexpected Guest

Hi folks. Looking out a couple days ago we saw an unexpected guest enjoying our apples on a tree out back of our home. He wasn’t a large one, but just the same we didn’t bother him. It looked as if he was sure enjoying them apples.

Thought I would share. The pictures aren’ t the greatest but it was the best I could get looking out window.

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What’s Happening On Sept 23/2022 In Port Loring, Ontario, Canada

Starting things off, our temperature sure dropped through the night. Waking up it was sitting at 1.3 C | 34.34 F. We also had our second frost. It will warm up a wee bit as the day moves forward. The good news is we will see some sunshine today. Sunshine always makes the day just that much better. The gloomy days seem to make human minds wonder a bit. Highway 522 is picking up a bit traffic wise, with a few tourists not wanting to believe that winter is heading our way. I can’t say I blame them either. I know I’m not ready. I am however getting some of our outside work caught up which makes me smile. Today I will clean up the weeds in our vegetable gardens, and mow some grass that needs to be cut. For the past few days my wife and I have been working on our lean-to that we keep our wood in. It was leaning a bit too much, so we tied a rope and a winch to a tree and pulled it straight. Took some doing. Once we had that looked after we got busy and braced it a lot better than it was. Should be good now for another few years. I hope. The way I was health wise I didn’t think I would get it done. But a little at a time works.

My wife picked the last of our tomatoes, peppers, squash and cucumbers late in the day yesterday. As they were calling for a heavy frost. We didn’t want to loose them as it will be awhile before we get any more good tasting produce. Although my wife did put a lot of tomatoes in the freezer this year. Which will sure be tasty later on this winter. The ones in the stores have no taste what’s so ever. If you didn’t see the tomato before you ate it, you wouldn’t even know they were tomatoes. Like a lot of other veggies too these days. People today go by looks not taste or smells. With that I am off for a bowl of cereal that my lovely wife is making for me and will then see if that grass is dry enough to cut. Stay Safe.

In Closing, I Would Like To Wish You Well.

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