Help For Your Liver

Here is a few good foods to help your liver. I figure prevention is better than finding a cure. No one can do it but you.  Talk soon

Celery seeds
Rhubarb root
Lima beans
Sour cherries
Mandarin orange

Healing Foods For Urinary Tract Infections

Here is a few items that help with Bladder Infections also don’t forget to drink lots of water.  Good water that is.  No Chlorine or Fluoride if possible.  Talk Soon

Celery seeds

Stay out of our airspace,’ Russia

Now here is an article I like.  For once Canada has stood up for itself.  Oh and they were right in doing what they did too.  Figure this if it would have been the other way round and in their air space they would have shot us down no questions asked.  Take A Look.

Four Canadian and U.S. fighter jets were scrambled to meet two Russian bomber planes found flying on the edge of Canada’s Arctic airspace

Quick Hello

Well almost March and sure lookin’ forward to spring.  Last night though the temperatures got down to minus 15 old scale.  So yep, had to keep the old wood furnace stoked up around three times through the night. I don’t mind though as when one gets a wee bit older seems he or she is up through the night anyways.  Sunshine here and enjoying a tea, then take the day as it comes. Pretty rough life huh? Talk Soon

Home Sales In Toronto

Toronto’s home sales drop 69%

Well I only got one thing to say on this topic.  In my eyes the prices for homes in Toronto are double the price as what they are really worth. Oh maybe one more tiny little thing.  All homes through out Canada will have to be dropped in price, as what we are paying now for a home is just crazy.    My Opinion Only

Troops In Iraq

You know for the last few years now folks have been steadily running down old George Bush.  Thing is he is a pretty good guy.  I would  have to say he has helped this country we call Canada more than any other president going.  Also put us on a path, that is safe to walk down.  I know there is a lot that would have you think different but I would have to say their thinking is a bit clouded.  They also have complained about all the troops in the Iraq. Well if Bush could have been in power any longer, he would have had them taken out in the near future just as the new President is doing, well thinking of doing.  Time will tell on that subject.

Any ways for those that have complained for so long about old Bush.  You now have a President that says he will pull a few troops out of Iraq and once done he will put a few thousand more into Afghanistan.  My way of looking at it, nothing is getting done, just taking it from one hand and putting it in another.  My Opinion Only. Here is the article for what it’s worth:  Take a look.

President Barack Obama on Friday fulfilled the defining promise of his campaign, announcing that all U.S. combat troops will be withdrawn by Aug. 31, 2010.

I sure like that word Defining.  LOL

The Dalton Gang

Premier Dalton McGuinty is keeping a tight lid on just how deep Ontario will sink into red ink, despite alarming predictions that the deficit could climb as high as $18 billion.

I bet he is, LOL. Thing is, even when he does let the cat out of the bag, it won’t bug most folks here in Ontario, as the next election they will vote him right back in again.   I also would bet the amount you hear isn’t the true amount.  I bet it would be double if one really had a good look at it.  Thing is, people here in Ontario can’t complain for one second the way the economy is going.  Why? Well, you got what you wished for.  Maybe not all of us though, there is still a few good o boys out there.  My Opinion Only.

Good Old Celery

Good Old Celery.  Just one more reason to get outside this spring and get a patch of ground worked up for your new veggie garden.  You deserve it.   Also look for my new gardening book coming out around May of this year.

The reason celery is so low in calories is because it is so high in water content. Fresh, light green celery with glossy ribs is the best for eating. Celery is truly a healthy treat; all parts of the plant are edible and one cup contains only about twenty calories. There is no waste. It’s a great food and has a number of known health benefits. Here is a couple.

Celery can provide a sense of calmness. It can also help lower blood pressure. People with gout should be fans of celery because it lowers uric acid. So there you go and oh, my wife dries the leaves every year and uses them in soups through out the winter months.  Sure brings the soup alive with taste.  Talk Soon

Weather Warnings Port Loring

North Bay – Powassan – Mattawa
8:55 AM EST Friday 27 February 2009
Blowing snow warning for
North Bay – Powassan – Mattawa & Port Loring continued

Extensive blowing snow today.

A low pressure system currently located east of Georgian Bay tracks north eastward this morning and into Québec this afternoon. Cold air will continue to flood into the regions from the north.

Additional snowfall amounts of 5 to 10 centimetres are expected along a line extending from Killarney to Kirkland Lake this morning and end later this morning.

Strong northerly winds gusting to 60 to 70 km/h will give extensive blowing snow. Bitterly cold temperatures combined with the snow and the wind will produce low visibilities. Wind chill values will be in the minus 30 to 35 range today.

Conditions will begin to improve near Lake Superior later this morning with the improvement spreading eastward to reach areas near the Québec border in the evening.