Good Morning Port Loring

Another cold morning looking outside. Temperatures were sitting at -22.2 C | -7.96 F We should see lots of sunshine today and temperatures will be warming up some. With today being the last day of February spring isn’t that far off. I suspect though it will take some kind of special weather to melt all this snow. Highway 522 is mostly snow covered with icy sections throughout. So care should be taken if out and about. Myself I am staying in where it is warm doing some work here at my computer. I like to get these things caught up so when the warm weather comes I can be outside. With that I am going to enjoy a nice breakfast with my lovely wife. Have a great day! GW

Oh, I should mention that research has shown that we don’t have to be as concerned about the cholesterol in food—that the link between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol isn’t as clear-cut as we thought. We should be more concerned about trans fats and saturated fats and the biggie SUGAR.

SUmmer in Port Loring

Here is a couple of pictures of what we have to offer folks when we get rid of this white stuff. GW

Small creek up the road from our home. Nice Place to sit and relax!
Small lake not to far from our home. Great fishing!

Morning Port Loring

Winter eventually runs out of cold and snow, right? Well we can only hope. This morning it is quite cold once again. Temperatures waking up were sitting at -18.4 C | -1.12 F Not as cold as it was yesterday, but it’s still chilly out there. Highway 522 is bare and dry this morning, with a few cars traveling here and there. I am not sure where they all go, as we only have two stores in town. But as long as it makes them happy. The forecast today is calling for a passing morning flurry; otherwise it will be cloudy with a touch of sunshine, staying very cold. On another note we did manage to get our driveway and things cleared of snow yesterday. I didn’t go out though till after lunch when the temperatures got a bit warmer. Even still it was cool out there working. I was glad when it was finished and back in the house where it was warm. With that I am going to have my morning cup of coffee and breakfast. Then we will see what the day has to offer. Usually it is what ever I want it to be. Have a great day. GW

Here is one for you while I go get mine.

Walking Stick Flute

Here is a Flute that I made awhile back from a large root of a tree. It took a lot of work but when all said and done it turned out magnificent. I only had it in the store for a couple days when someone came in to buy it. It sold for over $500.00 which is a modest price for the work that went into it. I enjoy making them, but problems arise finding the right piece to make them out of. GW

Walking Stick Key of E Flute Completed, Tuned in a Pentatonic Scale.
Bringing the Flute to Life.
Walking Stick Flute
My Lovely Wife did the painting of the Red Tail Hawk.

Good Morning Port Loring

Well it is sunny waking up, but the sun is far from being warm. Temperatures were sitting at -25.1 C | -13.18 F Today it will be mostly sunny and very cold. The cold will continue through tomorrow then start warming up a wee bit. Highway 522 is bare and dry so it will make traveling quite nice. Myself I will start up the snow blower and clean out the driveway. Not that it really snowed all that much, but with the high winds we had yesterday and the day before, kind of drifted over some parts. But in saying that I will wait for a bit till it warms up a touch at -25 is a bit cool for me to be out there. The secret to getting a bit older is to know your limits. With that I am heading off for my morning cup of coffee and chat to my lovely wife. Great way to start of the day. Stay warm! GW

It’s cold outside!!

Good Morning Port Loring

Waking up this morning temperature were sitting at -2.3 C | 27.86 F I suspect there were a few folks that got quite cold through the night and into this morning, as the power was out for most the night. It finally came back on line at 10:00 AM this morning. My wife and I made out fine as we have wood heat as a back up if needed. Actually quite cozy in our home all night and this morning. So no real issues to speak of. All my life the one thing I have done is make sure we always have food in the house and a way of keeping warm. If you have them two elements you can make out for quite a spell if need be. I do have a generator as a back up, with the electrical all set up for it, but when it is cold outside it is hard to start. There again I keep it in the shop and if it is a dire emergency I could warm the shop up with the wood stove, which in turn would warm up the generator, which would make it start easily. Where there is a will, there is a way, they say. LOL. On another note with all the wind and blowing snow, Highway 522 is snow covered with a lot of icy sections throughout. Another good day to stay home. The sun is trying to show itself though. With that I am off for a muffin that my lovely wife made and a nice perked cup of coffee now that the power is back on. Have a great day! GW

Good Morning Port Loring

To start things off we are having some not so good weather here waking up. It is rain mixed with some ice which is going to make driving quite nasty. Highway 522 is icy and I suspect it might get worse before it gets better. We can expect 1 to 3 inches (7.62 cm) of snow, with rain mixed in early in the day, then more snow for the rest of the day and into tonight another 2 inches (5.08 cm). The kind of day that makes you want to stay in where it is warm and dry. Temperatures waking up were sitting at 0.6 C | 33.08 F If temperatures stay above freezing we might lose a bit of this snow, which is okay with me. On the good side of things my lovely wife and I took advantage of the nice day yesterday, and we got our car all washed up. It was sure a mess with what they are putting on the highways nowadays. My car is brown but looked white before we washed it. But it is nice and clean now which makes me smile. Nothing worse than having a $50,000.00 car, watching it rusting away from being dirty. Amazing the price of cars today. My first car, a 56 Ford I only paid $25.00, used of course. But time moves on. Have a great day, I am off for my breakfast and a cup of nice perked coffee. Just the smell of the coffee is drawing me into the kitchen. GW

Have a great day!


Another piece of furniture I made years ago in my shop was an Armoire. The wood I used to make the doors, was knotty pine. The sides and solid back was made from 100 year old White Oak. Let me tell you, that Oak was hard as nails to sand, and I was sure glad when it was finished. It was one of those jobs you wished you never started. But it got done, and the customer was very happy.


Wells of Yesteryear

Awhile back my wife and I were out enjoying Nature when we came upon an old Spring Fed Well. Seeing it my wife and I sat down and ate our lunch, with our minds wondering how many people used to come to it for water. We even had a drink, as the water inside was crystal clear. We enjoy seeing things like that, so I thought I would share. GW

You Can see where the water on the left comes in from a spring.
Wood Barrel used to catch water.  Has lid to keep things out.

Good Morning Port Loring

So another not so bad day here waking up. Temperatures are pretty good sitting at 0.1 C | 32.18 F But things are supposed to change they say, with some freezing rain early Sunday morning, then strong winds with snow and blowing snow Sunday night into Monday morning . So it might pay to stay inside and relax for the next couple days. Highway 522 is bare and dry so far this morning, and we did see a wee bit of sunshine for a while. With that I am heading off for my breakfast and will let the day unfold around me. It’s nice to be able to sit back and let things happen. We found that at this time in life we don’t let people or things bother us anymore. It’s not worth getting upset over trivial things. Have a great day. GW

Wooden Pez- Holder

For those that liked the candy that came with a Pez holder, I thought I would share a picture of a shelf unit I made many years ago. I have to say the lady had a great collection. It’s an old picture but it will give you an idea of how I made it. GW

Made in 1996
Pez Holder before Stain

Swing Set

Here is a picture of a Swing I made just before moving here to Port Loring. My wife and I enjoyed many an evening sitting together in it enjoying the evening hours. GW

Swing set I built in 2002.

Scroll Saw

Here is a picture that shows you what my old Beaver Scroll Saw looked like. It was a great machine never letting me down. I have to admit I miss that saw. It has a cap on the top that you put grease into which in turn keeps things lubricated. The other nice thing is, you can take a narrow band saw blade, cut it up and you have numerous blades for a cheap price, which don’t break. I thought I would share. GW

Beaver Scroll Saw 23 inch (58.42 cm) throat.

Moon Chart

Over the years I have used information regarding the moon in my stories that I write, and thought I would let you see a picture of each cycle, and what they are called. GW

Good Morning

Another pretty good-looking day waking up. We should see some sunshine later on. Temperatures were at -4 C | 24.8 F But they are saying we might get some freezing rain Saturday night into Sunday morning and snow and blowing snow Sunday evening. So it’s not going to be a very nice weekend. It’s kind of, a January thaw but in February. Any kind of weather that gets rid of this white stuff is alright with me. I am ready to look out my window and see green for a change. Highway 522 is pretty well all bare. I would think if you need to go to town for some groceries, today would be the day. Or wait till next Tuesday, as sunshine is in the forecast for most of next week. It’s just that we will be getting some more cold temperatures. Not as cold as we have had though. Things are changing but slowly. With that I guess I will go and light the wood furnace. With these warm temperatures I burn oil through the night, which allows my lovely wife and I to get some much-needed sleep. Have a great day.

Where my son stayed for a week in Cuba.

Good Morning Port Loring

Waking up this morning temperatures were sitting at-0.4 C | 31.28 F Things have warmed up considerably. Highway 522 is mostly bare with a little snow covering some areas. Traveling should be good in a bit. It is quite windy out there this morning, so I am hoping it quiets down a touch, so I can clean the driveway. No sunshine so far this morning but that will change as we do expect some sunshine later on today and into tomorrow. Actually supposed to be a bit warmer tomorrow. Maybe we will get rid of some of this snow. One can only hope. Myself I am ready for the warm days of spring. On the good side of things this warmer weather will cut down the fuel bill a bit. I suspect it has been quite hard for a lot of folks this winter. With that I am heading off for my morning coffee. GW

February is leaving us soon, which is okay by me.

Good Morning Port Loring

Not to bad a morning. Temperatures waking up were sitting at -10.9 C | 12.38 F Sure a lot more comfortable than yesterday. But it did turn out to be quite nice. My lovely wife and I decided to take a trip to North Bay yesterday, just to get away for a spell. Highway 522 was bare and dry all the way and Highway 11 was bare also. And the sunshine came along with us, making it just that much nicer. We made plans to meet our son Karl at Montana’s for lunch, as we haven’t seen him for a spell. The food was so so. I won’t elaborate on that any further. But the good part was we spent some time with our son. After that we picked up some groceries and met a few people while there that reads my Column, in the North Bay Nugget. It seems we run into at least two or three each time we go. Which is nice, as I like to hear what folks are thinking. With that I am heading off for my breakfast. I think a coffee and a fresh bagel we picked up yesterday is what my wife is preparing. Have a great day. GW

Good Morning!

Good Morning Port Loring

Well what can I say., other than it is a bitter cold morning. Temperatures waking up were sitting at -29.2 C | -20.56 F This kind of weather makes a fellow want to stay in bed. But the wood furnace needs to be fed now and then. I did plug the car in early this morning so it should be warming up some if we decide to go somewhere. I am thinking next year I will buy a battery blanket that you can plug in as with this weather being so cold it takes a toll on it. Just an added feature that will save some money down the road I am thinking. Highway 522 is bare and dry but that will change later on tonight as they are calling for 1-3″ of snow. But on the bright side it is sunny this morning not that it is throwing off much heat. But it does make things more tolerable. With that have a great day and stay warm. GW

Good Morning Port Loring

To start things off it isn’t quite as cold as it was yesterday. Waking up temperatures were sitting at -16.3 C | 2.66 F Highway 522 is bare with a few icy sections but all and all pretty good. The sun is shinning once again which makes things more bearable. The long range looks pretty good with sun most days, with maybe an inch of snow on Wednesday. But then back to sunshine on Thursday. Not much to report this morning so with that I will go have some breakfast. Have a great day. GW

French Toast with yogurt in-between, covered with fresh blueberries.  And of course a game of Crib with my lovely wife.  Great way to start the day!

Winter In Port Loring

Took a few more pictures of around our home here. Kind of looks like winter. GW

Our Home February 2019
Our Home February 2019
Work Shop February 2019
Cleaning Driveway February 2019

Last Fridays Storm Pictures

I took a couple pictures of the storm we just had a couple days ago. Makes me yearn for spring. But on the other side of the coin the snowmobiles are happy. I was talking to a few at the gas station yesterday and they were all smiles. I have to admit they have come a long way with new machines these days. Some I wouldn’t hesitate to say would cost in the thousands. Not to forget the clothes and helmets they have today too. It’s not like it was years ago when you went out and were half froze when you got back home. Anyways they are having fun and that is all that really matters in life. Have a great day. GW

Our Home February 15/2019
Blue Jays Enjoying Lunch at our feeder. 2019
Looking our our front door. February 2019
Weather Station tower out back and old ice hut in background. February 2019
Our driveway and parking lot. February 2019
Looking out our back door at our ice hut. February 2019

Good Morning Port Loring

Hmm. I see it is a might cool waking up this morning. Temperatures getting out from under the sheets were sitting at -26.8 C | -16.24 F I had to push myself a wee bit to give up them nice warm covers. But the wood furnace needed another log so what’s to be is to be. The windows are ice covered which is another sign it is a touch cool. But on the bright side the sun is shinning this morning. With the sun shinning on the trees making the ice crystals glisten, and the mist in the air over the lakes, it sure is a pretty sight to see. Highway 522 is pretty well bare in town here. I would think it would be a fair day in a bit for traveling, if your in need of a few things in North Bay. My lovely wife and I did manage to get our driveway and decks cleaned up yesterday. I have to admit there was a lot of snow. In some places it was over 12 inches deep. But the snowblower made things easier. It’s a good blower one of the last ones Sears made I guess before their retreat from Canada. I had an older one which lasted me over thirty years. I don’t suspect this one will last that long, as they sure don’t make them like they used to. Some things are better like throwing the snow further, which is a plus, but for heavy duty cables and things the new ones aren’t as good. Not much you can do about it. With that I guess I will go and bug my lovely wife a bit and see what she has on the menu for breakfast. Have a great day and stay warm.

Nice Place to Eat

So my lovely wife, my son Karl and I decided to go out for lunch the other day for my sons Birthday. Had a great night truth be told, and a great meal. We decided to try Lot 88 Steakhouse & Bar in North Bay. Which turned out to be quite good. I would recommend it to anyone that likes a great steak. The nice thing about it is that they serve it on a Laval rock so you can take your time and cook it to your perfection. That is what my son and my wife had, I had one of their famous Burgers and a tossed salad. It was fantastic also. We finished our meal with a nice bottle of Beringer White Zinfandel Wine slightly chilled. Then for desert we had a piece of Cheese cake with a drizzle of Chocolate. Life can’t get much better than that! GW

Good Morning Port Loring

So my lovely wife and I woke up to sunshine here this morning for a change. The snow has ended for now. We had another good six inches or so yesterday and through the night. Temperatures were a touch cool sitting at -13.7 C | 7.34 F We will see a few clouds throughout the day, but the sunshine should be with us now for the next four days. Which in turn should make things much nicer. Now folks can get out and about , maybe head off to town for some groceries and enjoy life as it should be. Highway 522 is still mostly snow covered, but the plow an sander have been through. If they did their job and put down some salt things should begin to improve. For me today I will once again start up the snow blower and get to cleaning the driveway. I have to say it sure has earned its keep this winter. It’s nice to have though, and makes short work of a hard job. It also gets me outside for some much needed exercise, and fresh air. On another note, there are a lot of snowmobiles going by this morning, so it looks like folks are out having fun. Good to see. With that I am heading off for my morning coffee. Have a great day! GW