Morning Report March 30/2020

Good Morning. Hope you are handling things okay these days. Ruth and I are doing okay. Lots to keep us busy around the house here. Which is a good thing. As soon as it warms up more we both will be outside more often. Can’t wait. Temperatures today were sitting at 3.7 C | 38.66 F. It will warm a bit more as the day progresses. Tomorrow will remain mostly cloudy but on Wednesday things will change for the best with warm temperatures along with sunshine. Highway 522 is bare an dry this morning so for that must travelling will be good. But if you don’t have to go anywhere staying home is the best option. Protects you and others. I am also happy to hear the Powers That Be, are telling the cottagers and those that have cottages to stay home for awhile this summer until we see what this virus is going to do. Will they do it? Good Question. Time will tell. Today I have a few things to do around my shop here, so will get into that in a bit. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and will let the day unfold around us. Take care … stay safe!

morning Report March 29/2020

Good Morning. Not the greatest morning here in Port Loring Ontario, weather wise. At the moment we are under heavy clouds with rain. By the looks of things it will remain with us for most the day and into tomorrow. Wednesday things should clear out of our area, followed by sunshine and warmer temperatures. The good part about the rain is that my wife and I got over half of our lawn and gardens cleaned up and raked, and looking out now, the grass is starting to turn green. Along with that the rain will wash away all the not so good stuff. Highway 522 is bare and wet this morning which won’t make travelling that good. But we should be staying home if at all possible anyways. Temperatures are staying around the 4.4 C | 39.92 F mark at the moment. It could get a bit warmer as the day progresses. For my lovely wife and I we are staying put, and being it is raining we will stay inside today. My wife has some paintings she is working on, and I have some things to do here on my Computer. With that … you all stay safe, take precautions when needed, and I will chat tomorrow. GW

Morning Report March 28/2020

Good Morning Folks. I hope you are coping well and staying healthy with what is going on. So far my wife and I are okay, we have been staying home not going anywhere. We have though been doing some outside clean ups, raking and things. It keeps us busy, gets us some much needed exercise, and most importantly keeps our minds on positive things. On another note, we did have a great day yesterday with lots of sunshine. Waking up here this morning though, it is cloudy at the moment, with temperatures sitting at -0.9 C | 30.38 F. We were suppose to get some sunshine today with some nice warm temperatures, but things have changed. As of now the clouds will remain with us most of the day, and then tonight and for the next two days we will get some real heavy rain. There are warnings up across our area for downpours starting tonight. So … just what we need. But it will get the trees and things to growing and once the leaves start to show themselves I think it will do a lot in the way of helping us humans with this virus. Why? Well … simply put the trees and things give off oxygen, which we humans need to survive. Fresh Oxygen helps our lungs, and well … this Virus does us the most damage by entering our lungs. So I am thinking, once the trees, flowers and things become more apparent, they will help us a lot. One can only hope. Highway 522 is bare and dry this morning but that will change later on with heavy rain entering into the picture. Today I will work away here on another Podcast, and then maybe do some work in my shop. I have some equipment that needs attention. With that … you all take care of yourselves, don’t be going to places where there are a lot of people, and if you have been travelling … stay home, as you are directed to do for a couple weeks. GW

Character Lines

Episode: 17 Character Lines. This show today is about what happens to us all, as we get older in life. Great story with a lot of good reviews. I hope you enjoy it.

Morning Report March 27/2020

Good morning. Hope everyone had a good rest overnight. Looking outside things are shaping up quite nicely. The sun is shinning and will continue to do for most the day. Highway 522 is bare and dry which will make travelling good for those that need to be going somewhere. If you do, make sure you take the precautions necessary. Temperatures waking up were sitting at -3.6 C | 25.52 F a touch cool, but things will warm up nicely as the morning progresses. There should be no reason not to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. I actually put out our lawn-chairs a couple days ago. With temperatures warming up I will do some work on some equipment I have, seeing if I can get some things working that has some issues. A feller has to be a jack of all trades to make it in this world today it seems. But that is the way I was raised, learning new things daily. Still do today too. Like dealing with this Virus that is going around. Not an easy chore neither, but I am sure we will over come it as time moves by. That is if everyone does their part. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee with my lovely wife, and since it is her birthday I will see if I can make her some breakfast. Have a great day, enjoy the sunshine. Our bodies needs it more than you think. GW