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Trash & Treasures Port Loring Ontario

Trash & Treasures

What a small community can do when everyone pulls together. Well that is exactly what has happened here in Port Loring. In 1975 our first Trash & Treasures came to being, a store filled with items donated for the sole purpose of raising money for the Argyle Fire Department. With the way things are being done these days, especially in small communities like ours, getting funding for new Fire trucks is almost impossible. With our trucks slowly deteriorating and no funding available, the community took it upon themselves to see what they could do.

Later on the Fire Department applied for a grant to build the new Trash & Treasures in the middle of Port Loring, as the old Steel’s store was just to crowded to display the goods, along with being to deteriorated to safely work in. Luckily the grant came through. Purchasing a new Firetruck though was another story.

Over the years an into today Trash & Treasures has been operated entirely by volunteer help. This team of over 40 some volunteers, coordinated by Doris Lampman, has to be commended, as with out them our Fire Department would be in dire need. The new Fire Truck you see in the picture was totally purchased with proceeds coming solely from Trash & Treasures. A ticket price of $199,000.00.

Amazing isn’t it, what can happen when a community as small as ours puts all their efforts into achieving something like this. Endless hours, in all kinds of weather, these volunteers have worked and will continue to work so that the folks in our small community can rest in bed at nights knowing that our Fire Department is at the very least agile enough to keep them safe.

I would also like to thank all the rest that help make this possible, the public for your donations and also all the customers.

A success story yes, but lots more has to be done, as with all small communities it seems we get left by the way side and when surviving means, working together.  Click Picture To Enlarge !!   Great Picture For sure but then……….hey I took it.  LOL


Newest Reason Why Our Honeybees Are Dying

Here is the newest info on what is killing off your honey bees.

The sudden and mysterious disappearance of honeybees in the United States over the past year may be due to a virus, according to a new research paper by an international team of scientists.

The pathogen, called Israeli acute paralysis virus, was detected in almost all bee hives tested during a survey of hives afflicted by what has become known as colony collapse disorder. The pathogen is rarely found in healthy hives.

The discovery will likely help put to rest rampant speculation about the source of the strange collapse in U.S. bee populations.

Beekeepers in the United States began noticing slight declines in bee numbers in 2004. The scale of deaths increased dramatically in the past year, with some apiaries losing up to 90 per cent of their hives. The workers in colonies of the highly social insects would disappear without a trace.

The enormous scale of the destruction prompted worry that some new environmental threat might be killing useful insects. Some speculated that the missing bees might have become disoriented by the recent proliferation of radiation from cellphone towers and died while foraging for nectar. Others theorized that new genetically modified crops were poisoning the bees.

But scientists who worked on the new research, which is being published in the current issue of Science Express, now believe the most likely explanation is a new infectious agent.

“Our extensive study suggests that the Israeli acute paralysis may be a potential cause of colony collapse disorder,” said Ian Lipkin, an epidemiologist at Columbia University.

The death of bees had caused widespread alarm in the agricultural industry. Although most people associate bees with honey, the insects are far more important for their role in pollinating crops. About 90 foods, ranging from apples to cucumbers, depend on bees to ensure that fruits and vegetables develop.

Any threat to bee numbers could affect the global food supply. An estimated $2-billion worth of crops in Canada depend on honeybees for pollination, and about $15-billion in the United States, where the collapse has already led to difficulties in pollinating crops.

The researchers also found the virus on live bees imported into the United States from Australia, and in royal jelly samples from China. Royal jelly is the food bees produce for queens, but it is also sold as a health food for humans.

The discovery of the virus has raised speculation that the United States inadvertently allowed it into the country through the import of Australian bees. This was allowed in 2004, at the urging of the agricultural industry, to boost the number of hives available for pollinating high-value crops such as almonds.

The import of the bees coincided with the first reports of unusual problems in bee colonies.

All the hives infected with the virus either used Australian bees, or were stored near colonies that imported the insects.

To date, Canada has had no known cases of colony collapse disorder, said Danny Walker, president of the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association.

He said Canada doesn’t allow the importation of entire bee colonies from Australia, although it does allow apiaries to buy individual queens, which are then seeded into domestic hives.

Scientists who discovered the virus, and analyzed genes of micro-organisms found in bees, said they do not know if the pathogen itself causes colonies to die off, or whether it weakens the bees and makes them more susceptible to pesticides, poor nutrition and parasitic mites.

The virus was first described in Israel in 2004, leading to its name. Researchers there noted that infected bees – which exhibited shivering wings and paralysis – would die just outside their hives.

One perplexing finding is that bees in Australia don’t seem to be affected by colony collapse disorder. The researchers speculated the reason might be that bees there are not infected with varroa mites, which are found throughout in North America. The mites suppress the immune system of bees, making them more vulnerable to other threats.

Goham’s Bait & Tackle Port Loring

Here again is a place that everyone should visit, especially if you are in need of bait or fishing equipment.  Goham’s is family owned and operated business here in Port Loring.  The folks have worked hard  bringing to you all your wants and needs for them days out on a lake or river.  Which by the way we have lots of.   The sign also was painted by my lovely wife Ruth.   So if your in need of some fresh bait, lures or just want to chat, drop by and say hello.   Folks like these are what keeps our small towns alive along with yourselves for shopping locally.

Gohm’s Bait & Tackle 18B Davis Dr. Port Loring, ON 705-757-2620

Mike Clapperton For All You Boating Needs Right Here In Port Loring

My good friend Mike here in Port Loring who has a boat storage and repair shop has just put up  his second new boat storage unit. I have to say he sure did a fine job and should be commended for his work, not only with his building expertise  though, as he is one great mechanic.  I should know, as I am for ever asking him questions about my equipment and if something comes along that I can’t fix, well Mike gets the job done.  It always makes me feel good when I see a feller like Mike going ahead in a world like today.  Just goes to show you what one can do with his life when they put their all into doing what they love.   His place of residence is on the North Road about a mile in.  His place of business is the Shell station on Highway, 522  in down town Port Loring, can’t miss it.  Stop in and see Mike for all your boating needs, you will be glad you did.  Click Pictures To Enlarge.




PO Box 148, Port Loring, Ontario P0H 1Y0
Phone: 705-757-1316
Email: [email protected]
Arnstein, Ontario
Thursday, September 30, 2010 at 7.30 p.m.
Take notice that an ELECTION MEETING will be held for the
following purposes:
1.    To nominate and elect one (1) member to serve on the Board for the twelve
month period of October 1st, 2010 to September 30th, 2011.
2.    Adjournment by the Chairperson.
Bylaw 1997-03: To be eligible to vote on any matters of the Board, you must be an
inhabitant as defined below:
An Inhabitant of a Board area is defined as a permanent resident or a property owner in the
Board area, who is a Canadian Citizen and at least eighteen (18) years of age. An individual
who is a Canadian Citizen and who owns property within the Board area but resides outside
the Board area is considered an inhabitant. A person who rents rather than owns a residence
is usually a permanent resident and is therefore also an inhabitant.
Nancy Wice

When Elvis Was King, Right Here In Port Loring October 9 & 10

n 2009, Wayne was a three time People’s Choice Elvis Tribute artist Champion (Montreal and Oshawa) and a 2010 Finalist at the Images of the King tournament in Memphis Tennessee.  Wayne is a dedicated Elvis fanatic and will take you back to a time when Elvis was “King”  Click Picture To Enlarge and don’t forget to add October 9 & 10th to your Calendar.


New Page On George Walters Blog

Hi folks just wanted to let you know not to forget to check out my New Page On The Top Of The Blog.  Says….. Friends & Business’s.  There you will find all kinds of info and all you have to do is just click on what ever interests you.  More will be added daily and if you have a site that you feel will be of interest to others let me know and I will take a look.  If acceptable…… I will add them to the page.

Ten Reasons The Long Gun Registry Should Be Eliminated

Claim No. 1: Access to a gun increases the risk of murder.

False: Canadian gun owners are less likely than other Canadians to commit homicide.

Claim No. 2: Rifles and shotguns are the weapons most likely to be used in domestic homicides.

False: The problem is the murder of family members, not the means of killing. Rifles and shotguns are not the weapons most likely to be used in domestic homicides. Knives are.

Claim No. 3: Spousal murders with guns have fallen threefold since the law passed, while spousal murders without guns have remained the same.

False: Spousal murders have slowly been declining since the mid-1970s. There is no empirical support for the claim that the long-gun registry has reduced spousal murders. The long-gun registry was not begun until 2001.

Claim No. 4: Stronger gun laws have helped reduce gun violence.

False: The rate of homicides committed with a firearm generally declined from the mid-1970s to 2002. This steady, long-term decline has been driven by economic and demographic changes. However, the use of firearms in homicide has increased since 2002.

Claim No. 5: Firearms stolen from legal owners are a significant source of crime guns. Registration is essential to prevent dangerous individuals from getting guns.

False: All studies of crime guns agree that stolen registered firearms are infrequently involved. It is the criminal record check, which is part of licensing, and certainly not registration, that stops criminals from getting guns legally. Bill C-391 will not change the current provisions for obtaining a firearms licence. Registration simply refers to the firearm, not the owner.

Claim No. 6: Firearms pose more problems in smaller cities where there are more gun owners.

False: Homicide is a particularly acute problem in large cities where ironically there are fewer legal gun owners.

Claim No. 7: The registry is an essential tool for police when taking preventative action and when enforcing prohibition orders to remove firearms from dangerous individuals.

False: The long-gun registry does not contain information on a gun’s location. The registry only contains descriptive information about the registered guns.

In approaching dangerous situations, the police must assume there is a weapon.

Claim No. 8: The gun registry is consulted by police 10,000 times a day and provides important information.

False: Almost all of the “inquiries” are routinely generated by traffic stops or firearm sales and are not specifically requested, nor do police often find them useful. Almost all of these inquiries involve licensing, not the long-gun registry.

Claim No. 9: Polls show Canadians believe the gun registry should not be dismantled.

False: Two recent polls show that the public does not support the long-gun registry. This is consistent with at least 11 earlier polls, all of which have clearly demonstrated that the Canadian public has no faith in the long-gun registry or its ability to increase public safety.

Claim No. 10: Stronger gun laws have helped reduce gun-related death, injury, violence and suicide.

False. No properly designed study has been able to show that gun laws have been responsible for reducing criminal violence rates or suicide rates in any country in the world.

In sum, the test of any governmental program should be whether it meets its goals. In this case, the long-gun registry has failed.

Cole Walters Arrives

Well a couple proud grandparents here so thought I would introduce you to……. Cole. Born, August 6/2010. Weighing in at, 6 pounds 12 ounces, great looking feller let me tell ya. Chip off the old block you might say.    Craig my oldest and Krista our daughter in law are sure proud parents let me tell you and they should be too,.  Thought I would share. Click Picture below to Enlarge

Cole Walters Doing What He Does Best, For Now At Least.

North Bay Literacy Council Banquet

Well folks just thought I would let you all know the Banquet at the North Bay Literary Council went exceptionally well.  They had around 100 folks attend and was an all around good evening.  All the members there through my eyes should be commended on making the banquet so successful.  It was done up professionally right down to the last detail.  I would also like to say thanks to them all for asking me to speak and make my wife and I feel right at home, it was great night.  Some pictures with staff and the Mayor of North Bay were taken, along with me up speaking, so thought I would share them also.  Again, thanks…… you folks are doing a fantastic job.  George & Ruth Walters.

Click On Pictures To Enlarge.




The North Bay Literacy Council

My Wife And I Are Attending The North Bay Literacy Council Friday 10/2010
Located On Airport Road At The Davedi ClubMeet and Greet – 5 to 6 pm
Introductions of guests and speaker 6:00
Dinner 6:15 pm
Speaker 7 to 7:20/30 (usually 20 minutes or so)
Break 7:30 – 7:45
Annual General Meeting 7:45 – 8:00
Awards 8:15 – 9 pm.

Guest Speaker Me

Hope To See You All There Click here For More Information

Happenings In And Around Our Town Of Port Loring

For a good many years while growing up and even today I have always looked forward to our Fall Fairs.  In Beamsville it was held downtown at the Fair Grounds with a Carnival, food and a good number of other things like a demolition  derby, never missed one.
The thing that gets to me some is that for most parts a lot of these events are closing up.  Right now for that matter Beamsville is going through a transition stage of not having the Fair Grounds anymore and selling off the land it sits on to build homes.  Some call this progress I suppose but for me I see it as a great loss for the town.
Seems to me that if left alone the Fall Fair Grounds would be a great asset to the town or other towns that are going through the same thing.  Thing is folks these things can’t be replaced once gone they are gone forever.  To bad too as half the town I see is for keeping it the other half wants to sell it off.  Who will win, well I think you all know what the outcome will be.
I know some say what does it matter to you now that you are living here in Port Loring.  Well lets just say living there for a good number of years I just hate to see so many changes happening that messes up so many folks life styles and leave it at that.
Here in Port Loring though lots of different things are on the go.  For one thing last year I was voted in as one of our LSB members and I got to say it has been quite an experience.  Luckily I have had four other good members to work with  which is something in itself.  For most parts the first year has been getting things in order and helping out where I can.  My part is looking after Marketing which I have been doing diligently over the past year.  Got to say I have enjoyed it too. So far I have set up a new Web Site for our district which if I might say has been quite successful so far.  Here is the Web Sites Address if you would like to have a look. There you will find all kinds of things like when and where our next meeting will be held, what took place at our last meeting, events going on in our district, well just to many to name.  The thing I wanted to do with building this site is to make available everything that goes on.  Today it has seemed to me that some Boards doesn’t like to  communicate with the town or city folks, for us here in the Loring District I am trying to change all that.  I would like us to be a family in other words. No hidden agenda, just straight to the point happenings.  Can it be done? Well time will tell I suppose.  I plan on one more year as things like this takes a bit of time.  Once done I will move on and let others take the reigns.  Be interesting to see if it is kept the same.
On another note this year our Corn Fest at White Birches Resort has been canceled this year due to some changes that is happening with the resort, but not to despair, as next year it will be back better than ever.  Where and when I will let you know  in 2011.
I would also like to let you know of a new event that is going to be happening here in Port Loring.  Come October 9 & 10th 2010 at our  Community Center in Arnstein right off HWY 522 which is a Saturday & Sunday we will be holding a first time ever Oktoberfest.  Going to be a great two days filled with all kinds of things.  A few would be continuous playing bands for both days, On going food and beverages being made available for folks, horse shoe tournaments and for those that like a wee snort once in awhile there will also be a beer gardens, beer and coolers only. As I say just for those that like a touch now and then.
Sunday morning from 9:00 am to 12:00 am there will be a German Style Breakfast for those that don’t feel up to cooking breakfast at a cost of $5.00 per person.  I should mention the admission price too which will be $10.00 per person for both days, can’t beat that huh?  Coupon books can be found at any of the  Information Centers in North Bay, Sudbury, Perry Sound, Gravenhurst and South River.
So there you go, a lot of old time items, places and things being closed up sold or what ever, but here in Port Loring there is new things on the horizon.  Kind of makes me feel good all over when things like this happen.  The only way that events like these can be kept going though folks,  solely depends on you.  You are the ones that will have the final say of whether they keep it going or not.  Hope to see you all there!!! For more information call 757-2380.
In Closing I Would Like To Wish You Well.
For Those That Would Like To Get In Touch With Me, You Can Reach Me At:
[email protected]

or 705-757-1640

What Is Happening To Canada & The USA

You know for years I have said that we should be very careful on how we let other countries like China for example dictate to us, and be very weary of what they are doing to our society behind close doors. For most parts these folks are very good at what they do and if left, we will soon find we are not a country of what we think we are.  Simple as that.    Take farming for instance, most of our small farmers have gone out of business but the grocery stores are still full.  That in itself should tell you that things aren’t what they should be.  We are being over run by other countries for a reason. The reason is they get rich and we become less self efficient and now are dependent on them. Not a good thing folks.  Now in saying that take a look at this article that came out this morning.  As it says this is just the tip of the iceberg what lays beneath is much much more. My opinion only.

China’s influence over Western politicians runs deeper than controversial claims made by the head of Canada’s spy agency, Tory MP Rob Anders alleges.

In an interview with Epoch Times, an international newspaper founded by Falun Gong supporters, Anders suggested politicians and government officials from Canada and other Western countries are being wooed with extravagant gifts, beautiful young women and too-good-to-be-true business deals.

“The reach is deep, and it’s very unfortunate,” Anders told the newspaper.

“I would argue that I’ve seen things happen on a federal level as well in our own government.

“And so I think there’s a lot more than he has even mentioned,” the Calgary MP added, referring to Canadian Security Intelligence Service director Richard Fadden.

“I think that Mr. Fadden only gingerly scratched the surface. I feel for him that he was dragged before an investigative committee with Parliament to have to explain, and I think that this situation is far worse than what he let on.”

If Your Not Using a Abu Garcia 503 Your Just Not Fishing.

Now when it comes to fishing reels I would have to say that the Abu Garcia® Cardinal C503 ALB can’t be beat.  I have got one and would have to say it is the nicest reel I have ever owned.

Abu Garcia® Cardinal C503ALB Wins Outdoor Life “Editor’s Choice” Award

An edition of Outdoor Life magazine was  released, featuring its annual “Editor’s Choice and Best Buy” awards. Of all the spinning reels tested, the Abu Garcia Cardinal C503ALB was given the prestigious “Editor’s Choice” Award as the editor’s top spinning reel, outperforming Quantum, Shimano and Shakespeare, among many other manufacturers. In addition, the Abu Garcia Cardinal C3 was given an honorable mention in the spinning reel category.

According to the magazine’s editors, “with its all-aluminum body and spool and machine-aluminum handle, the [ALB] reel resembles an armored Humvee, but instead of being boxlike in shape, it’s sleek, silvery and understated. The bail is heavy-duty and open with a satisfying stay-open click. Your grip won’t slip when the soft-handle knob is wet or fish slimed. With its 10 ball bearings and high-quality gears, the reel is buttery smooth. A dandy for any freshwater casting work and also light saltwater, although with a larger line capacity it would handle far more serious marine work.”

New Eco Tax?????? Come On Leave Us Alone.

You know……… Canada is about the only country in the world that Governments can raise taxes without anyone raising a stink about it.  For most parts most folks think taxes is a good thing and they benefit from them.  Let me tell ya you have all been deceived.  Take this new Eco Tax.  This is one of the biggest money grabs of all times.   What should happen is that folks should rebel and not pay the tax.  Trouble is most folks here in Canada are in love with tax.   Some say, well this tax helps the environment.  Wrong, for most parts any of these schemes that have been implemented on helping the environment is all just a big hoax.  A hoax to take the money out of a working man and gal’s pocket and put it into the p0ckets of the Powers That Be, simple as that.  Today a lot of folks in my mind has blinders on, and simply put don’t want to know right from wrong.  Justice if for all but trouble is justice today is what our Powers That Be want it to be, not what it should be.  Below is a  short list of what  this new Eco Tax as some call it will be charged on.  On top of that we have the HST and now coming soon the Emssions tax and then the new Smart Meters.  What can one do??? Well for one thing get out there and vent let them know your feelings, don’t just sit back and let it pass as a church social, do your thing, you have rights to speak out, so do it.    Oh and the biggest thing one could do I suppose would be that come election time find a man or gal that is against all these taxes and one that will stop them. Not sure if that is possible now though as pretty well all politicians are out there to make money one way or another. One thing is for sure…. this Dalton Gang has to go, Ontario has never been so far in debt, folks out of work, businesses closing up, just to many to name.  What’s it take for some folks to open their eyes?

Some of the 10,000 items included in Dalton McGuinty’s eco tax grab are:

  • Air conditioners
  • Lamps
  • Smoke alarms
  • Car polish
  • Calculators
  • Lighters and Matches
  • Electric razors
  • Electric toothbrushes
  • Travel alarm clocks
  • Camcorders
  • Lock de-icer
  • Batteries
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Paint in an aerosol can
  • Tire pressure gauges
  • Bath Toys
  • Sunblock
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Drywall putty
  • Lantern
  • Electric screw-drivers
  • Mouse Traps
  • Flashlight
  • Answering machines
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Propane BBQ
  • Swiffers

New Pavement For Port Loring & District

Well been a long time coming but are now getting some new pavement. Miller Paving is doing the work and I have to say they are doing a fantastic job.  Great outfit, I would have to recommend them if your in the need of any paving or construction work.  Great fellows.  The work you see here is being done in front of our home on the bend of the HWY, just past the Shell on the right heading west.  A lot of folks that read my column say it’s Walters Bend.   Kind of fittin’ I Suppose.  Sure will be nice when all said and done .  Click Pictures to enlarge.


New Web Site Now Up & Running For Port Loring & District LSB

Hi folks, well we now have a new Web site for our Local Service Board here in Loring and Surrounding District. On there you will be able to read the minutes of all our meetings each month as it happens. You are all welcome to attend these meetings and a notice will be put up to show you date, time and location of our meeting each and every month. Also I will post the events that is happening in our area as they come to me. So if you know of different things happening in and around our area let me know and I will add them to the site. To make this a good web site we all have to take part and I am always open for ideas.  You can reach me at [email protected]  There is lots more on the site other than I have stated and more will be added as the days go by. Here is the link, your just a click away.

Fish Fry Port Loring Legion, July 17/2010

Well thought I would mention here that there is going to be a fish fry here in Port Loring next Saturday, so for those that haven’t had any luck out fishing so far this year, well…….. you can get your fill here. Click flyer below to enlarge for all the details.  But don’t give up on that fishing, there are lots out there just a waitin’ to be put on the barbecue.  And if you see me out there in my cedar boat….. stop by and say hello, maybe we can swap some fishing spots.


If Your Not Fishing In A Geisler, Well…..What’s Wrong With Ya?

Well came across this deal this year, it’s a Geisler cedar strip boat made in Powassan, Ontario.  I gotta’ tell ya she’s a fisherman’s dream come true to own one of these.  If you decide to stand you can do so with ease and no fear of falling out of the boat.  Nice and wide too if you need to stretch them legs, five feet across.  Same length as the wife, huh.    The two swivel seats are so comfortable that it is as if sittin’ in your lazy boy back home.   Design and quality is something not to be taken lightly neither.  I couldn’t recommend a better boat for those that like to get out there and catch the big ones.  On the back is a nice Fifteen Horse Evinrude, large enough to take you anywhere and if you want to troll, well this is what you need.   Also loads easy on that Easy Hauler Trailer.  So………..if your in the market for a boat of a life time head on out and visit Geisler boats in Powassan, Ontario.  Link to their web site below, your just a click away.  Also to enlarge pictures just click images.  Oh and I named it Jennie in remembrance of a horse I had many years ago.  My lovely wife painted the name on er just the other day.